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2007 Super Chevy Indy Race - Indianapolis In Action

Super Chevy 2007 Indy Was A Racer's Dream.

Mike Harrington Nov 1, 2007
Sucp_0711_01_z 2007_super_chevy_indy_race 1955_chevy 2/21

One of the super righteous rods we saw that weekend was sitting under the tent at the GM Performance Division's booth. It was love at first sight when we saw this '55 Chevy Herb Thomas stock car replica. Herb was already legendary for his victories in the Fabulous Hudson Hornet (along with Marshall Teague and others). However, in '55 Herb piloted a 1955 Chevy, which brought him to victory at Darlington in the Southern 500. With the then new small-block under the hood and Smokey Yunick on his crew, how could he not win?

It's tough knowing where to start when reporting on the Indianapolis Super Chevy show of 2007. Last year's event pulled in a decent amount of show attendees. This year's event was a bit different. Just three hours away in Columbus, Ohio, there was another major car show in full swing that same weekend. Undoubtedly many of the local area vehicle owners couldn't be at two shows at once, so they had to make a choice, which split show attendance.

While the show car side may have been lighter than usual, the drag racers are a different breed altogether, and they showed up in droves. But we already knew that, didn't we? A great number of the Indy drag racers had amazing looking vehicles, but they weren't there to look pretty. They were chasing glory! So naturally we had a hard time knowing when to stop taking action photos of the racers.

One thing about the Indy show that never disappoints is the humungous swap meet. There were piles of parts and a great amount of project vehicles for sale. The swap meet has got to be the worst part of the show for the editorial staff. There sits the part you need, and it's only 20 bucks! How do you explain to the TSA that they have just got to let you bring that '70 Nova cowl vent with you on the airplane? Take a look at some of these action-packed photos from the show.

Sucp_0711_02_z 2007_super_chevy_indy_race Bassani_exhaust 3/21

I don't know about you, but for some reason I want to buy Bassani exhaust! Hubba hubba.

Sucp_0711_03_z 2007_super_chevy_indy_race 1972_monte_carlo 4/21

Speaking of NASCAR tributes, here is another car we fell in love with. Check out this 1972 Bobby Allison Monte Carlo replica. Complete with a 427 and Spartan interior we couldn't help but do a photo shoot with it as well.



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