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SEMA Show 2007 Coverage

Patrick Hill Nov 30, 2007
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Hot parts, hot cars, hot models, and Vegas. Follow the recipe usingthese ingredients and you get the 2007 SEMA show. If you've been readingSC for a while, then you know about SEMA. For those who are new to thebook, SEMA ( is the Specialty Equipment ManufacturersAssociation. It's basically the UN for the automotive industry. SEMAbrings together all elements that are involved with cars and helps toensure that our industry continues to grow and prosper, helping newbusinesses find their way to success, and older business continue tosucceed. Every year they host the biggest automotive aftermarkettradeshow in the world in Las Vegas, where everyone shows off their newand current products, show cars, and the rest of the performance buffet.

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This year's show proved to be one of the most exciting and eye poppingin recent years. From the unveiling of Project X after an extensiverefit by the geniuses at GM to some interesting rumblings coming out ofthe Jack Roush camp (yes, that Jack Roush, of blue oval fame) there wasso much going on we were burning up pens and filling notepads all week.While we can't tell you about everything we saw at the '07 SEMA (if wedid, we'd have to kill you, and our backyard's already full!) , we canbring you some of the highlights, and tell you to keep your eyes openfor future issues of Super Chevy where we'll be telling you about thegreat products and projects that are coming for 2008 and beyond!

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MILLER 140 Auto-Set MIG Welder

For those who do mild welding at home and need a new MIG welder that'ssimple and easy to use, Miller's got the perfect welder. Their newMillermatic 140 with Auto-Set feature provides quality MIG welding withsimple set-up and use. All you have to do is set the wire size you'rewelding with (.024" - .030"), set the thickness of metal you're welding(welds 24 gauge up to 3/16" thick metal), then go to work. It's thateasy! And the Millermatic 140 runs on normal household 110 current, soyou don't have to add wiring to your shop or garage, and can even takethe unit to the track for those onsite emergency repairs. For more info,go to or call (920) 734-9821

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COMP Cams Ultra-Gold Aluminum Rocker Arms

The valvetrain gurus at COMP Cams had a shiny new product for us to ogleat this year's SEMA show. Their new Ultra-Gold aluminum rockers arequite a site, featuring a polished gold anodizing finish that makesthese rockers shine. But as with all COMP products, there's more thanjust good looks. COMP's new rockers are made from a new super strongaluminum alloy that allows these rockers to handle extreme springpressures, and clear valvesprings as big as 1.650" in diameter. CNCmachining ensures all rockers are ratio accurate for valvetrain andperformance consistency, and each rocker has a lifetime warranty.Available in small and big-block Chevy applications, these rockers notonly make your valvetrain look good when the valvecovers are off, butoffer top notch performance. For more info visit or call (800) 999-0853.

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Professional Products Powerjection throttle body EFI system

Want the performance and tuning capability of EFI, but want to keep thelook of a carbureted induction system? Look no further. ProfessionalProducts Powerjection I EFI System has everything you'd want in an EFIpackage for your carb equipped Chevy. On the outside it looks like acarb, but hidden inside the "float bowls" are efi injectors running fuelto your engine. For motors under 500 HP, the system can be set upwithout a return line for easy installation in originally carbedvehicles, and the engine management system (EMS) for the unit is easy toinstall and calibrate, featuring a "self learning" system that adapts tothe engine, so you don't have to program the unit. Because the throttlebody's dimensions are almost identical to a double pumper carb,installation is quick, and you can use the stock double pumper fuel feedlocations. Air cleaner location and size are also identical, so you'llhave no interference with factory hoods or cold air systems. Best ofall, the system is sold as a kit so you have everything you need for theinstall. For more info visit or call (323) 779-2020

Sucp_0711_05_z Sema_show_2007 7/22

GM Performance Parts plug & play LS2/LS3/LS7 Control Harness

The LS engine family is taking the world by storm. With the salvage andaftermarket supply of engines growing every day, more guys are droppingLS motors into vintage cars. One of the problems has been keeping thefactory FI and ignition system in an early model car with no computersystem. The spaghetti mess of wiring harness and computer wires can beterrifying to say the least.

The guys at GM Performance Parts wanted to make life easy for everyonewanting to drop a high-tech LS motor in their vintage bowtie, so theycame up with a plug and play controller that allows you to drop anLS2/LS3/LS7 into anything. All you need is the factory engine harness,and just hook the factory-type harness into the controller and turn thekey, no computer tuning or calibration required. You can also keep thethrottle by wire feature if you want. The new plug and play controllerwill also control all LSX based engines.

For more info on the new controller, visit, or call (800) 577-6888

Edelbrock 348-409 Aluminum head, dual quad intake and valvecovers

While we don't have a lot of details right now, Edelbrock is gettingready to reignite the W-motor market with the re-release of their finned348-409 valvecovers and dual quad intake, and coming in 2008 a brand newW-motor aluminum head. That's right, 348-409 nuts are gonna be able toyank their iron heads for some lightweight alloy units. You can see theunit at SEMA was a raw casting, we can't wait to see the first finishedheads! Anyone know where we can find a good 348-409 block?!



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