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2007 Atlanta Super Chevy Show - Swap Till Ya Drop

The Super Chevy Show Circuit Stopped Off In Atlanta For A Weekend Of Monster Swap Meet Action, Coupled With Moments Of Thrilling Bow Tie Racing

Thomas J. Lyman Oct 19, 2007
Sucp_0710_01_z 2007_atlanta_super_chevy_show Chevy_camaro 2/23

Drag Racing And Georgia go together like a small-block and high-octane. For probably as far back as the advent of the automobile, rebel-yelling Southerners have been tearing up the streets and back roads of the Peach State. And considering that moonshine running was very recently one of the main commercial activities, there was no doubt that the Super Chevy Show Atlanta stop would be anything but exciting (and maybe quasi-legal).

The Atlanta Dragway, actually a few miles north of the sprawling Atlanta metropolis, is quite a facility, with what appears to be miles and miles of terrace-like paddock areas, and one main "drag" street running through the middle. It also lies just south of the Northern Georgia Mountains, which undoubtedly contribute to the random, quixotic weather patterns. Friday's crowd to witness the test-and-tune sessions was light, but upon closer examination, the majority of the Super Chevy faithful could be found rummaging through the acres of swap meet vendors, which was another theme of the weekend. The size of the swap meet area was really a sight to behold: occupying an area the size of a small village, anything and everything a gearhead would ever want could be found in this spectacle of parts, cars, and miscellanea. When stacked up against the other events of 2007, Atlanta was, by far, the largest swap meet we have witnessed.

Saturday morning saw the car show take off, with a steady stream of Bow Tie machinery awaiting entrance into the gates. A massive turnout of show car participants flooded the areas surrounding the Super Chevy tent, as well as the famous inflatable Bow Tie that travels with the show. The Camaro appears to have a hold on the Peach State-we saw what appeared to be hundreds of the famous model on the show grounds. It was also a Tri-Five festival, especially with the 50th anniversary of the '57 upon us this year.

Some rain came in the afternoon, and sent many of the show car participants scurrying for car covers and shelter from the elements. Surprisingly, the rain was more of an annoyance than anything. The wet stuff would stop for a period, allowing the dragstrip to dry out for a few of the bracket racers to make hits, then start back up, causing activities to cease again.

Sunday dawned like a beautiful bowl of oatmeal, complete with a steamish-like fog, and light, soggy rain falling again on the grounds. However, the environment didn't stop one steadfast group, the swap meet, of course, as it was still going strong in the morning, with droves of people holding umbrellas and towing Radio Flyers full of project-completing parts. By 10 a.m., the sun finally burned the rain off, giving the Nitro Coupes an opportunity to complete some unfinished business from the Saturday eliminations.

Sadly, especially as we try to pack more drag winners into our Super Chevy Show coverage, the three main bracket racing classes were halted before a winner could be determined. The weather just didn't hold out long enough. However, in the following pages, many of the various award winners and drag racing participants can be found. Check out next month's issue of SC for thrilling coverage of another Southern-themed event, as the Super Chevy Show invaded Virginia Motorsports Park back in June.

Editor's Choice Show CarEditor's Choice Drag Race
William PolstonEric Ellington
'66 Nova SS'65 Chevy pickup
Johnny L. PetersAnthony Smith
'67 Nova'72 Camaro
Charles WarringtonJeff Hamrick
'57 Chevy 150'85 Camaro IROC Z
Glenn HardyScott Fritz
'55 Chevy 210'67 Nova
Larry PutnamKenneth Mason
'66 Chevelle'93 Camaro
Dan KinerMike Hinkle
'69 Camaro'86 Vette
Phil TurnerSteve Rhoads
'66 Biscayne'55 Bel Air
Terry SmithAl Hilerbrand
'61 Impala'65 Corvair Corsa
Dan WashburnAlbert Jenkins
'86 Monte Carlo'69 Nova
Greg CheekTim Price
'55 Chevy truck'69 Chevelle



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