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Hometown Heroes Hit Home Runs At Montgomery O'Reilly Super Chevy Show

Sep 21, 2007
Sucp_0709w_01_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 2/8

In football, it's called the home field advantage...on the MontgomeryMotorsports Park strip, it was called a win for Jerry Rhodes of Gadsden,Alabama as he took the Aeromotive Nitro Coupe Challenge event at MMPSeptember 15-16.

Qualifying numbers and setups went out the window as the weather did aswitcheroo, leaving Aeromotive Nitro Coupe racers on Sunday with coolertemperatures and lower humidity than Saturday's qualifying sessions.

Sucp_0709w_02_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 3/8

Consistency was the name of Rhodes' game on race day as he turned in 1/8mile times of 4.161 in the first round, 4.183 in the semis and 4.194 at170.84 miles per hour in the finals against Tennessee racer Jeff Balton.Balton ran a 4.69 at 117.23 mph in the finals as he failed to find thehandle on the MMP track.

Sucp_0709w_03_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 4/8

Rockmart, Georgia racer Jimmy Blackman and his Southern Truck Partssponsored Firebird took the win in a tough Outlaw 10.5 field during theO'Reilly Super Chevy Show. Blackman roared to a 4.694 at 161.31 milesper hour in the finals to defeat Covington, Georgia racer DavidSheppard, who treed Blackman with a .004 light but couldn't matchBlackman's ET and speed.

Sucp_0709w_04_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 5/8

O'Reilly Super Chevy fans got a thrill as Jessie Harris and her Queen ofDiamonds nailed another 300-mile per hour pass down the MMP strip. BobHall lived up to his "King of the Wheelstanders" title with fourblistering 1/4 mile runs on two wheels steering with the rear brakes ofhis Chevy Astrovan "Airborne Express."

Sucp_0709w_05_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 6/8

The sportsman racer of the event had to be Allen Reno of Gardendale,Alabama. Reno won the Jeg's Bracket Two Battle, raced at 1/8 mile, andwas runner-up in the 1/4 mile DOT Street Wars. Reno faced former worldFootbrake champion Jared Pennington of Fultondale, AL in the finals ofBracket two and won with a sterling .014 reaction time and an 8.133 runon an 8.10 dial.

Sucp_0709w_06_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 7/8

In the DOT Street Fight finals, Reno fell to Alexander City, Alabamaracer Gary Tapley, who won with a near perfect quarter mile of 12.921 onhis 12.92 dial. The Aeromotive Jr. Dragster Challenge title went toChase Mullinax of Buford, Georgia in a tough final over Brandon Thompsonof Douglasville, GA. Brandon ended the final on the starting line byturning on the reds.

Sucp_0709w_07_z Super_chevy_show_results Montgomery 8/8

In the ProCharger Bracket One Brawl, Douglasville, Georgia racer GaryThompson was the last man standing as he did in hometown hero ColeCousins of Millbrook in the finals. Thompson ran a n awesome 5.053 onhis 5.05 dial with a perfect .000 light. Cousins was also dead on his6.60 dial with a 6.605 and an .011 light, but his sterling .016 packagelost to Thompson's other-worldly .003 package.

The TREMEC True Street Challenge presented by Mr. Gasket was just thatas Phil Cooper's '66 Chevy II came out on top after a tough trip overlocal roads and three back to back passes. Runner-up honors went to aVolvo driven by Jerry Henslee.



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