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2007 Memphis Super Chevy Show - Bluff City Blowout

The Super Chevy Crew Headed South (Again), For Out-Of-This-World Ribs, Near-Death-Experience Rental Car Driving, And The Super Chevy Show's Massively Popular Memphis Stop.

Thomas J. Lyman Jun 26, 2007
Sucp_0708_01z Memphis_chevy_car_show Red_chevy 2/19

Elvis and Graceland. Those are the two words most people think of when the city of Memphis is mentioned. Over the years, the town, with its musical history, has become a sort of Mecca for Elvis fanatics-as well as people wishing to tour Beale Street, the claimed birthplace of the blues, and Sun Studios, which is sometimes recognized as the source of rock 'n' roll. What many people don't know is that Memphis is an absolute hotbed for the Chevy faithful, and they came out in droves for the 2007 Super Chevy Show tour stop. This show was actually the highest-attended Super Chevy Show at Memphis in the 21-year history of the event, a fact that really speaks to the surging popularity of the Super Chevy Show series across the nation.

Sucp_0708_02z Memphis_chevy_car_show Black_camaro 3/19

The SC crew rambled in from both coasts on Friday, and went out to the Memphis Motorsports Park quarter-mile for the normal Friday afternoon reconnoiter. We were promptly shocked at the turnout. The showgrounds were packed-as if Elvis himself had showed-and that was just the Friday crowd. There were also a few special guests in attendance, including the famous Chicago Super Stock Outlaws, the magnificent street-legal wheelstanders that can top over 175 mph in the quarter-mile; and Clay Millican and his NHRA Top Fuel dragster, which would be on hand for some rib-rattling, 300mph passes Saturday and Sunday.

Sucp_0708_04z Memphis_chevy_car_show Red_chevy 4/19

The car show was packed as well, with very little room to add cars. On more than one occasion, the Super Chevy golf cart got into a tight spot, and only the precise driving skills of the crew were able to help navigate the 5hp-monster out.

After leaving the track, satisfied that this would be one of the biggest events of 2007, Friday evening was spent out on famous Beale Street. With the Mardi Gras-like atmosphere of open-container alcohol consumption, Memphis was a welcome departure from the SC headquarters building.

Saturday dawned warm with a slight tailwind for all the participants lining up in the staging lanes, anxious to take their cars down the strip. We also took some time out to give out the much-coveted Editor's Choice awards for the show car portion of the event. At most of the Super Chevy Show gatherings, it is rather simple to pick just 10 cars that we, the editors, feel deserve at least some words in the magazine, if not a couple of photos. However, the Memphis car show was a different animal. The sea of vehicles appeared to be endless, and finding the winners was no small task. The winners that appear within these pages are truly owners of some of the best Bow Tie machines in the land. We also make every effort to publish as many as possible, although it can be difficult trying to fit 20 Editor's Choice award winners in, along with the various drag racing winners. Check out all the winners on www.

Sucp_0708_03z Memphis_chevy_car_show Green_camaro 5/19

Speaking of drag racing, there were so many entrants in the Saturday festivities that the SC crew actually had time to leave the track, wash off the layers of sunscreen, rubber, and Nitro Coupe residue, and make it back to the dragstrip to catch some late-night racing action. The motors actually continued roaring until well after midnight, at which point we decided to call it a night-but not before Associate Editor Harrington almost killed the author of this article and Tim Mason, from Dallas-based HCC Performance. Well, at least we thought we were dead, but apparently that's just how people from California drive.

Sucp_0708_10z Memphis_chevy_car_show Drag_camaro 6/19

On Sunday, the crowds were equally impressive. The SC crew spent most of the day searching out candidates for our drag race Editor's Choice awards, and following the awesome bracket racing action. In the ultra-close DOT Street Fight class (quarter-mile), Rickey Thomas edged Sammy Washington with a scorching 10.906 at 125.68 on a 10.88 dial-in. It ought to be noted here that we didn't even see a big brake lock-up from either competitor in the final, a first for the season in the DOT class.

The Jeg's Bracket Two Battle witnessed Bear Nichols in his Chevy II take out J.L. Blackard, also in a deuce, in the final. We'd like to note here that the Memphis event culled hundreds of these little beauties-the Chevy II really has a following in this part of the country.

Sucp_0708_19z Memphis_chevy_car_show Maroon_chevy 7/19

Mike Hicks and his heavily modified Chevy truck won the ProCharger Bracket One Brawl (eighth-mile), when Jared Fulcher in (you guessed it) another Chevy II, redlighted. Hicks, not satisfied with the automatic win light, went out and cut a 5.381 e.t. on a 5.38 dial-in, with a perfect .000 reaction time.

Keep an eye out for the next Super Chevy Show stop near you for all the great action. With shows like Memphis, the tour certainly has a full head of steam now, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Mike CerraTim Mason
Glenwood, IADallas, TX
'34 Street Rod'55 Bel Air
Mike MeeksPhil & Debbie Fain
Corinth, MSJackson, TN
'92 IROC Camaro'55 Chevy
Pat PattersonLarry Eaton
Whitwell, TNGlasgow, KY
'70 Chevelle SS'69 Chevelle
Jacky BishopBilly Reaves
Humboldt, TNHernando, MS
'74 Nova'57 Delivery Sedan
Thomas BurnettLee Sinn
Olive Branch, MSNew Athens, IL
'04 Corvette'65 Impala
Kenny PeaseRich Vitiritti
Dyersburg, TNBolingbrook, IL
'62 Nova Wagon'70 Nova
Josh JamesLarry Richardson
Lexington, TNClarksburg, TN
'67 Chevelle'66 Chevelle SS
Natt MooreFred Turner
Atwood, TNCleveland, MS
'69 Chevelle'64 Corvair Monza
Gary PiggBruce Hayes
Doniphan, MORidgeley, TN
'63 Nova'70 Chevy Truck
Jim TuttleB.T. Wilkins
Oxford, MSMemphis, TN
'57 Bel Air'66 Corvette



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