Super Chevy Show in Fontana, California - Nice Place For a Drag Race

The Super Chevy Show Debuts At Auto Club Dragway In Fontana, California.

Sucp_0707_15_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 2/26

Marvin Roles made it out of the first round in Bracket 2, but was overcome by Jon Cinquegrami and his '66 Chevelle in round two.

Sucp_0707_17_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 3/26

Alta Loma's own Wayne Hoover snagged an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award for his beautiful 1972 Nova.

Sucp_0707_18_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 4/26

Buddy Farmer took top honors in the Aeromotive Nitro Coupe Challenge by beating out local favorite John Scalpi in the final round.

Sucp_0707_20_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 5/26

Larry Hanewinckel is responsible for this outstanding 8-second 1956 Chevy. For his efforts he went home with an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Award. For the record, the car is still street legal.

Sucp_0707_23_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 6/26

Briana Hudson and Macy Walp took the weekend to enjoy a little Super Chevy action.

Sucp_0707_19_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 7/26

Shannon Speer is an RN from Tustin, California. The coolest part is that she drag races this very unique mid-engine, BBC-powered '68 Olds ambulance. An Editor's Choice Top Ten? You bet.

Sucp_0707_22_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 8/26

Carl Berardini had one mean '67 Impala. We liked it so much we sent him home with a Top Ten Editor's Choice Drag Car award.

Sucp_0707_24_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 9/26

Another Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car winner was Larry Brown with driver Bones Balogh. Their blown small-block runs 8.5 seconds in the 1320 on a regular basis.

Sucp_0707_21_z Fontana_cali_super_chevy_show 10/26

Carl Cole from Alta Loma ended the weekend on top in the Bracket 2 class. His opponent, Dean Ashmine, drew a red light with a -.010 reaction time.


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