Maple Super Chevy Show - Maple Grove Gets Deep In The Groove

Super Chevy Goes Dutch In Pennsylvania.

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Over the span of the last two decades Super Chevy magazine has continually covered the Super Chevy show circuit around the country. At any given event an editor who has covered the show, has given you an account of the action that happened. We're going to try something different this time.

We'd like to think that each Super Chevy show is like a patch work quilt. Every person and automobile that enters the gates contributes an individual fabric to the overall theme of the quilt. And the show at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania was no different. Or maybe it is. Rather than have me drone on about how stupid the weather man is in his dire predictions of biblical styled rain that never happened, or that the kooky weatherman is ultimately responsible for the lower turn out of cars on the day of this supposed storm, and then have to say nanny, nanny, na, na to those who decided to listen to the weather man and stay home... Or talk about the Amish kids at the end of the track watching the races with their binoculars, or... (OUCH, Jim Campisano the new boss just lobed a shoe at me and told me to get on with the story).

We decided to try something different in our presentation of this story. We want to hear from you, the individual car owner/racer/show attendee. We want to hear about what you brought to the Maple Grove, Pennsylvania, show and why. Without further adieu, we introduce you to you.




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