2006 Indianapolis Super Chevy Show - Call It Indy, And Make It Super Chevy

IRP Has A New Name But Super Chevy Is The Game

Tony Kelly Jan 30, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Spend a couple of million to put your name on the sign and you have a right to call the place anything you want. O'Reilly Auto Parts stepped up and said they wanted to be part of drag racing in a big way and they couldn't have picked a better place than Indianapolis Raceway Park, now known as O'Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis. While we respect their right to change the name, we'll be calling it Indy for some time to come. There's something magical in the name of "Indy" for Super Chevy fans.

It was that magic that brought the cars and people to the Super Chevy Show from all around the country, especially the Midwest. We even drove the Goodmark Camaro up to Indy from Atlanta where it received some TLC at the hands of the Goodmark Industries staff. It needed some more TLC by the time we got to Indy so the nice folks at Mothers worked up a sweat cleaning and polishing our flamed ride. We even talked about a match race between our Camaro and the Mothers' 572-powered El Camino, but an electrical glitch in our car made us postpone the race. Check out the coverage of the Maple Grove Super Chevy Show, where the race really did take place.

While we were at Indy we tripped across the highway to one of the last real operating drive-in movie theaters, The Clermont. Even though it was bright sunshine we checked it out and got that nostalgia feeling that comes from not having been around speakers hanging on a pole and movie screens as big as Godzilla since they called it the "passion pit." We imposed by doing photos there but the staff accommodated us graciously, although we did have to split before the Pirate movie started. Next time, we're considering actually going to the movies there-Super Chevy and a drive-in movie. What a deal.




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