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2006 Bristol Super Chevy Show - There's Something In The Air

Chevys rock Thunder Valley

Dakota Wentz Jan 30, 2007
Sucp_0612_01_z 2006_bristol_super_chevy_show 2/29

While I was in Bristol, I heard someone say, "Forget about taking me to the river, take me to Bristol!" But in order for one to grasp the full concept of this folklore you really need to see, feel, hear, and smell the sights of the "fastest half-mile in the world." I don't know about you, but I've watched Bristol races at home and seen helicopter views of Bristol during race weekend, and I think that's more than enough stuff to run my brain through the ringer imagining what it may be like. With that thought in mind, why should the Bristol Super Chevy Show be any different?

It was my first year at this particular stop on the tour, and just like I imagined the show was a madhouse, more like a madhouse you'd want to visit. There must be something in the air out at Bristol that stimulates the brain and starts the heart pumping when in the vicinity of automobile paraphernalia. Come to think of it, maybe it's years of gas fumes billowing from nasty V-8 motors that combine with burnt rubber particles scattered into the atmosphere after a nail-biting photo finish, which are now seeping into the mountainside and recycling into the air via photosynthesis. Hey, it could happen!

Whatever the case may be, there's somethin' 'bout the place because the energy and excitement at this year's Super Chevy Show was more than the Ghostbusters could suck up in their paranormal pest catchers. Thunder Valley was packed with fans tucked into every nook and cranny of the drapstrip and surrounding swap meet, show and shine, and whatever else happened to fill the land. Although the following pictures may not be live video, the glow and essence of the paper will be more than enough to a paint a picture of just how insanely wild and fun the Bristol Super Chevy Show is.

But before you get started, run outside and fire up the car, and lay down some much-needed stress relieving rubber to get the heart started. Then, and only then, can you really dive in deep and see what the Bristol Super Chevy Show is all about.



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