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Nashville Super Chevy Show - The Nashville Sound

It's Chevellabration time in Tennessee

Mike Harrington Jan 31, 2007
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The raucous sounds of rock 'n' roll and the thunderous rumble of big-block-powered musclecars rend the air in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, once a year. This can only mean one thing-the tribes are gathering, and it must be Chevellebration time again! About 10 miles north of Nashville, the city of Goodlettsville plays host to the largest gathering of Chevelles that one eye could ever hope to see. You ain't seen nuthin' till you have seen 450-plus Chevelles gathered in one spot. At every gas station, hotel parking lot and restaurant lot, you will undoubtedly witness one of these Chevelles rumbling past, toward, or around you. It really is a sight to see, and this is not at the actual showgrounds, either.

So who produces and organizes this madness? The American Chevelle Enthusiasts Society, a.k.a. ACES, a car club compromised of nothing but Chevelle owners from around the country and beyond our borders. This Chevelle club is so large, they even have their own bimonthly publication dedicated to-you guessed it-Chevelles. Presiding over the ACES car club is Chuck Hanson of "Horsepower TV" fame. Chuck has been at the helm of this organization since it's inception in 1997. And every year since then, the gathering of Chevelles has grown and grown, and this year's event was no different.

With an event this large, how many new Chevelle owners could you expect to see? This year broke a new record; there were more first-time Chevelle owners this year than in any past year. The '70 Chevelle seemed to make its presence known, as there were more '70 and '69 Chevelles in attendance than any other year. This year's show was more than just a park-and-shine-type of car show. A 23-mile cruise to the local dragstrip was on the agenda one night, and while at the strip any Chevelle that wanted to make a pass and impress the crowd got the chance.

If you haven't stood on the side of this little country road and looked off into the distance and seen nothing but Chevelles, next year is the time to try it. Besides cruises every night, there were plenty of organized events for the kids to participate in, as well. At the end of the day's events, the hotel parking lots were filled with Chevelle owners BBQing and BSing. And not to mention Nashville and its famous Honkey Tonks were open. What a great event! Look for more event coverage on the Web site, and in our all-Chevelle special issue. For info on ACES, visit: l



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