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2006 Atlanta Super Chevy Show - Where You At?

At the Hotlanta Super Chevy Show, of course

Mike Harrington Aug 17, 2006
Sucp_0610_01_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show Race_teams_worked_hard 2/35

Super Chevy Atlanta. Dakota Wentz and I made the flight across the country just for this show. By the way, Super Chevy Atlanta really isn't in Atlanta at all. Go figure. Head about 65 miles northeast to the city of Commerce, Georgia, and there you will find one of the largest Super Chevy events that we have had the pleasure to attend. I soon found myself scouring the many acres of swap meet vendors hawking their goods. I personally kept looking for a back window to my '68 Bel Air wagon. I never did find one, but that might have been a good thing. Try explaining to security at the airport why you have a giant piece of glass as carry-on luggage. There's no doubt they would throw me in a little white room with a large-sized, German-accented woman named Gretchen wearing a set of rubber gloves.

As for the drag racing, it is amazing to witness the work that goes on well into the night. After most show attendees and editors have headed for the local steakhouse or nearest swimming pool, these hardcore wrench spinners literally work late breaking their knuckles just to break the track time. But all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Not only will you see the spinning wrenches, you'll also witness charcoal grills flame to life and a toast to go with the roast. For anyone who thinks this may be just a hobby, think again. We'd venture to say that the Super Chevy Show is a gathering of the tribes, and when they get together, there's going to be some action.

Sucp_0610_27_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show SS_camaro 29/35

The vehicles you see pictured here were all in attendance at the Atlanta Super Chevy show. A big part of attending the shows for us is the opportunity to photograph your vehicles. The downside is that at most of the Super Chevy shows, there are more bitchin' cars than we have daylight hours to shoot. However, we do try. So if you have a great-looking ride and we have yet to photograph it for the magazine, keep coming out to the shows. We will do our best to point our cameras at it. Look for these vehicles in future publications of Super Chevy, Camaro Performers, or one of our seasonal specials.



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