We Went To Lebanon In The Summertime: Trim Parts Open House and Car Show

The Good News Is It Was Ohio

Tony Kelly Sep 13, 2006 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0609w_01_z Trim_parts_open_house Car_show 2/22

Trim Parts makes about every piece of Chevy Trim that builders need, and they make it in the good old USA. They also make great carpet kits, and (you guessed it), they also make that in this country. As if all that wasn't enough, every year in the summertime they throw open the doors of their business to customers, locals, and media and let us wander around and look at their plant. They even feed us and dole out prizes. We even rolled the Goodmark Camaro inside for an installation of 454 emblems on the cowl hood. For those wishing to display their ultra fine cars, they even have voting for awards. On top of that, Trim Parts brings in some professional talent to put on a show. This year it was Bob Hall and the Airborne Express, the famous wheelstander. It was a kick to see Bob go down a city street on two-wheels since we're used to only seeing such magic on the dragstrip. We thank them for the invitation and hope to visit often. Here's some of the sights from Trim Parts' Open House in Lebanon, Ohio.



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