Super Chevy Shows' 25th Year - Revelry, Rewards, & Review

And What A Year It Was!

Mike Harrington Apr 6, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Has it been 25 years already? For those not in the loop, the Super Chevy Shows have been running for 25 years in a row, thanks in large part to Roger Gustin and his crew who have kept the Super Chevy flame alive by taking the torch and running with it. What a run this year has been! Did you know that next to the NHRA the Super Chevy Show drag racing circuit is one of the largest in the nation? That's a lot of cars running down the track.

As we mentioned in our Gainesville show coverage, the Super Chevy Shows start and end in Florida. What makes the year's-end show a cut above the rest is the banquet held on Friday night.

Sucp_0604_02_z Super_chevy_shows_25th_anniversary 3/75

Behind the scenes of each event, there is a conglomerate of personalities, racers, showman, advertisers, financiers, and plain, hardworking people who make all this happen. One man or woman can't do it alone, so a banquet is held in honor of all the behind-the-scenes cast and crew. Rather than show you eight pages of people sitting at a table eating, we decided to do something a bit different. We wanted to show you the action, essence, and hard work of all the Super Chevy Shows from 2005. Sit back, enjoy, and we hope to see you next show season.




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