Super Chevy Show Ohio - Queen Of Diamonds, Rock N' Roll, & Chevrolet

Super Chevy Connects With Columbus

Tony Kelly Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio, is about a good rock throw from the home of Autostar Productions, who produce the Super Chevy Shows. No surprise, then, that this show is one of the best of the season. A Friday night cruise, a Saturday night rock concert, along with great racing and car showing, and Jessie Harris in the Queen of Diamonds jet car, were all on the menu. Weather didn't help the Friday night cruise, but McGuffey Lane, a band that reminded us of the Eagles, came out to play on Saturday night, and the Chevys were racing and shining all weekend. We even had some Nitro Coupes running in the 4-second bracket (OK, so it was eighth-mile qualifying) and we had a full field of these ground-pounders on hand.

Fuel prices have wreaked havoc on some of the racers who have to travel from the Eastern U.S. or Canada to make it to some of the events, but we found all the regulars at Columbus. Dave Tomasino took low E.T. honors, but broke in the second round of eliminations. Wayne Torkelson had already clinched the season Nitro Coupe Championship, but he was out to win another event. Not one to slack off, Wayne drove hard but hit the wall, which pretty much did the car in. Wayne was fine but the car, which was due for replacement next season anyway, made an early exit. Tommy Howes and his fine '69 Camaro made it to the finals and, in one of the best races we've seen all year, were narrowly defeated by Ontario, Canada's, Larry Sinke's '67 Nova. Sinke ran an elapsed time of 6.547, with a 0.115 light, to Howe's 6.587 with a 0.096 light. If our math is correct, the margin of victory adds up to 0.021 secs.


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