The Big Bend Open Road Race - A First-Timer's Guide

Road Race Primer

Todd Ryden Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)

These drivers and navigators are GOOD! Some racers were off their mark by thousandths of a second. It was like bracket racing, but for 118 miles. In fact, Billy Hunt and Mike Laurence (from Fort Stockton) ran a perfect number in the 120-mph class. In the 115-mph class, George and Barbara Langdon ran their '98 Corvette just over by 0.001 mph. Second place was only 0.002 over, while Third was just 0.004 over. Amazing! In the unlimited class, the win and new record went to Mike and Marsha Borders in a '99 Monte Carlo at 166.979 mph.

We ended up running 0.152 off our 85-mph target-good enough for Fifth place (even though there were only five in our class). It was a great time; we did something different, and learned a lot about what we would do if we could do it again-which we hope to do next year. We are already scheming on better heads and intake, maybe a cam or a set of gears...

Go on, get out, and have some fun with your car!

Have The Need for Speed?
Try these event home pages for more information on dates, locations and rules:

Big Bend Open Road Race, Fort Stockton, Texas

Road Runner Open Road Race, Fort Stockton, Texas

Sandhills Open Road Challenge, Nebraska

US Autobahn Series (USAS), Nevada

Silver State Classic and more, Nevada




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