Da Super Chevy Show - Chicago

Blows Into The Windy City

Dakota Wentz Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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At the beginning of the year, each member of the SC staff gets an e-mail, indicating which shows we are to attend during the upcoming Super Chevy Show season. As I looked down my list, I came across a city that I was all about headin' off to. I'm talkin' about none other than the home of "Da Bears," "Da Bulls," Oh yes, sweet home Chicago. (Gotta love Bill Swerski's super fans) Actually, the show wasn't exactly in Chicago proper, but rather in Joliet, a suburb of Chicago.

Over the August 12-14th weekend, the Chevy caravan unloaded at the Route 66 Raceway with loads of cars, people, drag cars, and unfortunately, a whole lotta rain. The rain, however, didn't ruin Woodstock, so how could it ruin Super Chevy? The cars ventured out on the historic Route 66 and weathered the storm, along with the crowd. The racing was the only thing that had to be delayed, which, the majority of the time was held on Sunday night. Even the Nitro Coupes took the stage. Other than that, a little rain never hurt anyone, and the shock of the crowd and the look of awe on their faces proved that. We even managed to shed the camera from the downfall and snap loads of pics, so go ahead and take a look. But first, fathom this: Could da Bear bus with Ditka drivin' beat the Nitro Coupes down the strip? I'm not sure, but perhaps next time I'll just tag along on da Bear bus.




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