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Maple Grove Super Chevy Show - The Park Is The Place

Especially For Super Chevy

Tony Kelly Dec 1, 2004
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We've probably said this before but it bears repeating, Maple Grove is high on our list of favorite places to be. After a drive through some country roads, we pop out onto a real park that just happens to have a world class dragstrip and grassy showgrounds big enough to hold the hundreds and hundreds of Chevys from as far north as Canada, as far south as Florida, and all points in between. This year we saw new cars fresh out of the paint shop and cars we've seen before but look forward to looking at each and every year.

Stan Parker's breathtaking '58 Impala made its Super Chevy debut at Maple Grove and until we moved it to our favorite "secret" photo spot, it was almost impossible to get a clear picture of it because of the admiring crowds around it. One of our favorite cars, which has been on the cover of Vette magazine, is Enfield, Conneticut's Richard and Barbara Lagasse's bright red '62 Corvette which deservedly got moved up to Gold Class this year. This is a car that also draws crowds, and it does it at every show in which it appears.

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Our drag racers faced a challenge because of the weather. Early in the week an actual tornado appeared a few miles west (Pennsylvania isn't supposed to have tornados, is it?) and we were promised storms on Sunday. Friday and Saturday were great so with the over-and-above-the-call-of-duty work of the Maple Grove track crew, and the cooperation of the racers, we kept at it until almost midnight Saturday and finished every one of the bracket finals. Nice work! Which bring us to a point of clarification.

While photographing cars for SUPER CHEVY magazine until nearly 9 pm on Saturday night, we constantly heard the track announcer comment on cars that came to the starting line that "it should be an Editor's Choice." Later, when we were unable to give Editor's Choice awards since most racers left Saturday night, we even heard some people say that track officials, Super Chevy staff, and others told them their cars should receive Editor's Choice awards. We need to make it clear that Editor's Choice awards, for show and drag cars, are just that; the choice of the SUPER CHEVY magazine editor at the show, no one else. Don't be disappointed or misled into thinking that anyone influences or persuades us about these awards. Trust us, we pick some very nice cars on our own as past recipients will tell you. Also, please don't find the SUPER CHEVY magazine editor and lobby for an award; that's the kiss of death.

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From Cradle To The Altar
This Truck Has Been There
Nelson Sauder's '53 Chevy pickup is very much an attention getter. From its nicely done burgundy paint, to its wood floor, this is a restored ride that deserves many looks. Of course it has the old reliable "stovebolt" six and "three-on-the-tree" that we expect to find, but it also has some history around the Sauder's Ephrata, Pennsylvania, household.

This is the truck that Nelson dated his wife in some years back (we will skip the exact number of years), which certainly says something nice about that young lady. Then some time later, after a complete restoration, the truck provided the first ride home from the hospital for their newborn daughter. Twenty-two years later the truck was the honored vehicle in that same daughter's wedding! The entire family has told Nelson that this truck goes nowhere now; it's one of them. By the way, Nelson and his truck took the Classic Truck Magazine award home from Maple Grove. Seem like this '53 is always hauling something great.



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