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2004 Super Chevy at Bradenton, Florida - Don't Tampa With Success

Super Chevy Is A Hit At Bradenton

Tony Kelly Aug 1, 2004
Sucp_0408_01_z 2004_super_chevy_bradenton_florida Funny_jet_car 2/17

We just couldn't resist the play on words for our title. From what we saw in Bradenton, Florida (just a bit south of Tampa, by the way), the Super Chevy fans couldn't resist rolling out to the refurbished Motorsports Park for the season-opener. We had classics, customs, trucks, Camaros, Corvettes, stockers, modifieds, Pro Streets, rolling through the gates all day Saturday and Sunday. The show area was expanded two or three times, even that wasn't quite big enough. Add to that the swap meet and car corral participants who kept showing up early and late for 2 days, and the place was up for grabs! If you're going to have a problem, that's the kind to have. We can always find more room and the more the merrier.

The racers were in their element. If you know much about the go-fast folks in this part of the country, you know they have some awesome machines and they keep them running all year long. All the Chevy and Chevy-powered racers welcomed us back in a big way. The Bradenton track showed itself to be sticky and well prepared for everyone, including the Nitro Coupes. As expected, Gary Irving from Bolton, Ontario, Canada, opened up the season where he left off last year: FAST! His number one qualifying time of 6.152 e.t. at 222.49 mph left no doubt that his team is back to take it all in 2004. Of course there's always the competition to deal with, and they might have something to say about that.

We have several new teams for 2004 including Randy Adler in a beautiful '57 Chevy from Tinley Park, Illinois, Dave Tomasino from Holly, New York, in a great '69 Camaro, and two fellow Canadians who came south to race their countryman Gary Irving: Al Billes from Barrie, Ontario, and Carl Spiering in Corvettes, a '53 and '63 respectively. Returning favorites Mike Swinarski, Tommy Howes, and Bruce Boland will be with us this season also so we look forward to exciting races.



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