2004 Super Nationals - How Do You Spell Albuquerque?

How About "Great"

Tony Kelly Jul 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0407_01_z 2004_super_nationals Enthusiasts 2/15

We were cordially invited to the 2004 Super Nationals by one of the promoters, Reggie Tibbets, who may be known to some Super Chevy Show attendees as a judge in that series. Reggie and Matt Torres have been putting on this class act for some years now so it was time for us to take a look. We drove over from California in good old Project X and got a little snow, a little sleet, but not a problem for the big '57. Worst part is having to spell Albuquerque (thanks for spellcheck).

Sucp_0407_15_z 2004_super_nationals 1941_chevy_pickup 3/15

John Cooksey of Albuquerque gathered crowds with his '41 Chevy half-ton.

Best part was finding out that there are tons of cool cars in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. We're still disappointed we didn't get to meet any of the Unser family who make up a great part of that city's heritage. We did drive on a street named after them, though and we did catch up with Paul LeMat and Cindy Williams who were greeting their American Graffiti fans and signing autographs by the thousands-that was cool. The black '55 and the yellow '32 were there also.

Project X figured in as a famous car along with the Bat Mobile, Tom McMullen's original '32 roadster, Pat Keating's "Down Pat" Chevy, a former Street Rodder cover car, the Tubester, and Don Prudhomme's Army Funny Car. Then on Sunday night, the entrants collected giant trophies and thousands of dollars in cash. It's worth learning how to spell.




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