Tucson Super Chevy Show - Trouble On The Interstate

Getting Sideways On I-40

Tony Kelly Jun 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)

We've known Chuck Coulter for a few years having first met him at the Phoenix, Arizona, Super Chevy Show. His '59 Suburban is a gem and we've featured it in Classic Trucks magazine. Of course it has taken its share of awards. We admire the classic lines and the straightforward gray and silver color so when we saw a Suburban at the Tucson show, which looked like Chuck's but had a different color on it, we were intrigued. Turns out it was the Coulter ride but with quite a few changes. Chuck wasn't just looking for a way to stay busy, the truck needed some work after being involved in a wreck, so why not change the color?

Returning from a show in the upper Midwest during the summer, Chuck encountered some bad road on I-40 en route to his home in Sedona, Arizona. His pickup and trailer slid sideways (the trailer holding the Suburban) and the result was the trailer on its right side with the rear of the Chevy pickup about 6 feet in the air, but still upright! Chuck was convinced the Sub was a goner and he didn't even want to open the doors for the police, but of course he had to. Amazingly the truck was still suspended from the floor with damage only from loose objects bouncing around inside. Not even one piece of glass was broken! The trailer was turned upright and pulled home. It is still in use today. It is a Featherlite so guess who took home the Featherlite Transport award. Hard way to get it but Chuck has no complaints. Go to our Web site coverage for a look at the trailer.




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