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Las Vegas Super Chevy Show - Last Leg To Vegas

Our Last Trip Down "The Strip"

Tony Kelly Jun 1, 2004
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Too bad if you missed the last three Super Chevy Shows in Las Vegas 'cause we won't be back for awhile. We'll be busy in Florida and Canada along with all the other more familiar venues such as Pomona, Indy, Maple Grove, and Memphis, but if you want to run the Strip it will have to be the one with the hotels and bright lights on it. We've enjoyed it and for us magazine folks on the West Coast it was a great way to end the Super Chevy Show season. This year's event was a dandy with GREAT show cars and fantastic racing. That is one feature of the Las Vegas event that is always noticed; the show cars are often being displayed for the first time and the overall quality is remarkable. Just look at the photos if you think it was easy picking winners.

For the racers "The Strip" is as well prepared and maintained as we find anywhere in the country. Bracket cars were getting great traction and the competition was stiff. When adjusted for altitude (Vegas is about 2,000 feet above sea level), it was clear that the times and speeds of these racers were the result of lots of tuning and "seat time." Nitro Coupe teams were running as if the season had just started rather than being here to crown the 2003 Season Champ, Dan Nickelson, and why not? There was till pride and some extra pesos at stake so the Coupes were still on the track! Gary Irving, who looks to be the driver to beat in 2004, was running his usual best and cranked up a 6.25-second elapsed time into a headwind that often gusted up to 30 mph. Yes, fans, it was cold in Sin City. One racer that wasn't cold, though, was bracket racer, Rod Fuller, who won both the Saturday Bonus Race and the Sunday Bracket, a total of 17 rounds! Hard work but it pays off.

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When the Pro Show starts, it's one loud screaming Nitro-smelling burnout after another. The best part is, we get to stand right next to it. Gary...

Bolt On Four Seconds And 50 Plus Mph
Pro Charger Wows The Racers
You may recognize this '69 Nova from previous SC mags, but for those who don't, let's fill you in. About 3 years ago, ProCharger decided to build a car that followed Super Street rules, would hopefully break into the 8-second barrier, and run on 91-octane gas. What they got is a car that surpassed all expectations, and is now a walking, talking demonstration. At Las Vegas, ProCharger gave the Super Chevy fans a first look at the technology and capabilities of a high boost centrifugal carburetor supercharger.

Fans sat three deep in the booth while ProCharger technicians installed different boost combinations. As they did this, the techs explained exactly what was going on and the goals that were being set for each combo. After each adjustment the car was ran down the quarter to get real numbers to see exactly how different centrifugal supercharger combos give different results.

Resting between the framerails sits a Gen IV Chevy 454 with a 396 crank, JE pistons, OEM ported heads, dual Holley 450 carburetors with solid Holley floats, and 7.3:1 compression ratio. The motor alone puts out 400 hp to the 31W tires, and will pilot the bone stock Nova down the quarter at 12.29 seconds elapsed time at 111mph. When the F2 ProCharger supercharger is bolted on with 26-27 pounds of boost, this 91-octane (with no additives) bad boy puts out 1,160 hp to the tires! Then it sent the Nova down the quarter at 8.24 at 163.50 mph (with a 30-mph direct headwind present).

Stop and think about it, ProCharger bolted on 4 seconds and 50 plus mph! Over the weekend, the best e.t. was an 8.24, the best mph was 166.50, and the best 60-foot was a 1.23. As an added bonus, fans got the chance to enter a lottery, if they stopped by the booth, to try and win an F1R Inter Cooled carbureted Chevy Supercharger that is capable of a 40-140-percent increase. This weekend's lucky winner was Jeff Thompson from California. So next time you visit a Super Chevy Show, be on the lookout for the ProCharger booth!


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