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Montgomery Super Chevy Show - Southern Skies of Blue

Montgomery Clears The Decks For Super Chevy

Tony Kelly Apr 1, 2004
Sucp_0404_01_z Montgomery_super_chevy_show Top_view 2/1

Blowing in from Houston, we left the clouds and rain behind and found the weather as welcoming as the people. Even with some major football games, a very big NASCAR race, and a season-ending bracket race championship down the road a few miles, the Montgomery Super Chevy Show packed 'em in on the show grounds and drag strip. We had racers pitted all the way down to the big end of the track. Any further and we would have had to clear some forest. We did spot a wrecked Japanese station wagon a few yards into the forest but we figured that's as good a place as any for recycled beer cans.

Mel Eaves has raced for many seasons with Super Chevy, sometimes he makes a lot of appearances, sometimes just a few; Mel's a busy man. This season we've seen him frequently and he has been throwing time and money at his '57 Chevy Nitro Coupe to get it dialed in. From the outside it still looks like the car we've seen before but underneath it's just about an all-new chassis. It paid off in Montgomery as Mel made it to the final against Gary Irving, a very tough competitor indeed. For one of the few times this year, Irving's car got out of shape on the final pass while Mel went straight and recorded his first Nitro Coupe Final of the year, posting a 211.21 mph speed with a 6.456-second e.t. Nice work by Eaves and his hard-working team.

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