NASA Museum, 57 Chevy And A Saturn 5 Rockets - Apple Pie, Chevrolet, And A Rocket To The Moon

Americana At Its Best

Tony Kelly Apr 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0404_01_z Chevrolet_bel Air_in_front_of_rocket_nasa 2/1

When in Houston for Super Chevy, what else do we think of? NASA! Project X deserves a spot in automotive history so why not put it with another historical vehicle, like a Saturn 5 rocket? We had our doubts about getting everything right, but the way NASA has things laid out at their headquarters, it was no problem. While we were shooting photos, we had tourists dividing their time between the huge rocket and Project X. Fortunately, "the world's most famous '57 Chevy" is more accessible than the rocket and it spends more time travelling. Actually the rocket mockup we saw is one of the older versions of the Saturn 5 that went to the moon in the late '60s. The model has been on exhibition since about 1961 and is due for a protective structure to be built around it soon. We might not get these same photos a few years from now.


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