Epping Super Chevy Show - Summer In New England

Epping Super Chevy Was Worth The Wait

Tony Kelly Mar 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)

We always look forward to Super Chevy at Epping, New Hampshire. It's Memorial Day and the weather is usually turning warm, so it's like the beginning of summer. As you know, this year winter hung on to such an extent that we had to postpone due to rain; lots of it. That's okay because we hadn't been to New England in the summertime for many years, so an August 1-3 looked great. When we pulled in on Tuesday of that week, it was great. Come Friday, though, the rain was back and provided a true test for our fans in the Northeast. They came through, however, and the show was outstanding. Beautiful cars pulled in to the newly renovated show grounds at New England Dragway on Saturday, and even more showed up Sunday. Even under overcast skies, we got through the day and the first raindrops fell only when all the show cars had taken their awards, we had taken all of their photos, and then we ran for cover. The racers were almost done but they had to settle for dividing up the pot and waiting until next year to prove who's the fastest at Super Chevy. We can hardly wait.




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