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Chicago Super Chevy Show - The Windy City Blows Warm

Midwest Sun And Smiling Faces, We Loved It!

Tony Kelly Mar 1, 2004
Sucp_0403_01_z 2003_chicago_super_chevy_show 2/25

If there's a fact of life for every stop on the Super Chevy Show series this season, it's that the weather has been chasing us all over the country. Whatever we did (or didn't do) in Chicagoland paid off because we had a great show in great weather, and met the nicest people there. Of course we always know we are going to see great racing in Joliet with avid bracket racers running late trying to take home the cash. Add to that the local Chicago Outlaws and a car fans are never sure where to spend the most time; checking out the bright and shiny Chevys, or watching them tear up the dragstrip. Route 66 is home to oval tracks, including a great NASCAR facility, and a dirt track, along with one of the premier dragstrips in the country.

Sucp_0403_02_z 2003_chicago_super_chevy_show 3/25

There could be some "Monsters" here but they are well behaved. Usually they only act up when they're hungry but in Joliet there's plenty to soothe the savage beast.

Our trip to Joliet this year started with picking up Project X in Ohio where we left it after the Norwalk Super Chevy Show. Autostar's Media Director and drag race announcer, Mike Fornatoro, babysat the "world's most famous '57 Chevy" for us between shows-thanks Mike. We made a speed run from Ohio to Joliet in the dark of night and discovered something about what happens as you near Chicago around 4 a.m.; all the trucks in the world are on Interstate 80 and they are in a hurry to get out of town! Just when we were looking forward to a few winks in the morning, it was time to be alert, really alert, and crank up that big 502 of Project X. Four lanes, three of which are filled with 18 wheelers, and they're hauling stuff to the rest of the country-fast. We kept out of harms way and our '57 is intact. When it came time to leave, we left at night. Wasn't too bad heading east and now we have our car ready for Columbus, Ohio, Houston, Texas, and Montgomery, Alabama. Can't wait to get back behind the wheel.

See our version of Monsters of the Midway in Joliet. We won't replace "Da Bears," but it's what we look forward to in Chicago.

Sucp_0403_18_z 2003_chicago_super_chevy_show Project_x 25/25

Okay sharp eyed Project X followers, which one is the real thing? We were coming back from a cruise of the drag pits in Project X when we saw this other yellow '57 so we stopped and chatted with a kid standing nearby. His sense of history or mood must have been off because he told us the car belonged to someone else and he didn't really know where the owner was. We said we'd like to find him and take a photo but we got one of those "whatever..." answers, so we left. About an hour later the owner, Bob Chase of Lisle, IL, did appear, somewhat excited and said his pal said, "Some guys from the magazine in a car like yours stopped by but you weren't here." Bob knew who we were and what car it was, since he'd always wanted a photo of the two together so he broke the Joliet Land Speed record to get where we were (just about ready to leave the show, by the way). Here's the photo Bob always wanted. If you figured Bob's car has Bel Air trim, white upholstery, and is on the left in the photo, you're right. It's pretty close, though. Nice work, Bob.



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