Monte Carlo Night - Norwalk, Ohio!

Special Cars And A Nitro Coupe Record

Tony Kelly Feb 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)

We remember when local fund-raisers set up pretend casinos for charity and called them "Monte Carlo Nights." After seeing the selection of real Monte Carlos in the show at Norwalk, Ohio, and in the drag race pits, there's no doubt that Montes are the new game in town. Somewhat ignored, or at least outnumbered by hardcore Chevy musclecar fans, the Monte Carlos we've seen this past summer, especially at Norwalk, signal a new and welcome trend for a great model.

There was definitely something in the air as we rolled into the finest drag racing facility in mid-Ohio. The Bader family's Norwalk Dragway is user friendly for racers, car show participants and fans, but Gary Irving had a surprise for us right off the trailer. The Canadian Team took their fine '37 Chev Nitro Coupe on a record elapsed time pass on Saturday afternoon. We'll wait until Epping, New Hampshire, next week to see the end of this chapter although it will be Tommy Howes and Dan Nickelson in the final. Still, I wouldn't be too quick to bet against Irving over the rest of the season if that team stays dialed in the way it been for the last few weeks.




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