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Indy Super Chevy Show & Race - The Big One

"Indy Is It"

Tony Kelly Jan 1, 2004
Sucp_0401_01_z Indy_super_chevy_show_and_race Park_sign 2/37

We really do look forward to the Indy Super Chevy Show but we now have living proof that the words to the song saying "it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime" are, to be kind, an exaggeration. Dodging the proverbial bullet we at least had bright, sunny days to enjoy bright, shiny Chevys and spectacular drag racing. The track crew had their hands full making sure the dragstrip was always ready but, as always, they rose to the challenge.

We had spectacular Nitro Coupe races and saw one of Jon Moss' GM toys, a V-8 Monte Carlo, make 9-second runs. Then there was our all-time favorite group, the Chicago Outlaws, edging ever closer to the 7-second bracket with their amazing door-slammers. We understand that at dragstrips close to home, a few of the Chicago racers have already broken the 7-second mark and we expect that to happen sometime this season at a Super Chevy Show.

Making its return to Super Chevy was Project X, the world's most famous '57 Chevy. We had a short appearance at the Pomona show earlier in the year, but since then the car underwent some refinements, culminating in an appearance in the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour in June. Project X was cared for in Dallas after the Power Tour by Mac and Shelley Bernd for a month; 4 then we picked it up to set it loose on the Super Chevy Road Tour. With stops planned for Indy, Maple Grove, Norwalk, Ohio, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Montgomery, Alabama, Houston, Texas, Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, this legendary car will see the country while being seen by Chevy fans who have followed it's 40-year career in the pages of Popular Hot Rodding magazine. It's a driver so forgive a few rock chips here and there.


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