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2003 Atlanta Super Chevy Show - Everything Goes Through Atlanta

Especially Us

Tony Kelly Dec 1, 2003
Sucp_0312_04_z 2003_super_chevy_show_atlanta 1970_nova 2/24

Lindy Farmer's "plain Jane" '70 Nova sneaks up on the competition. The Ellenwood, Georgia, sleeper not only runs a big-block but it usually takes home the Gold Class honors, as it did in Atlanta.

Frequent fliers everywhere should relate to the routing of nearly every airliner coming anywhere near the state of Georgia into the vast confines of Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. The worst part is if you have to change planes because it is a hard and fast truth that the plane you need to catch in 20 minutes is five terminals away. Maybe that's one reason we enjoy the Atlanta Super Chevy Show; we don't have to change planes.

To be fair, the best part about the Atlanta show is, of course, the great cars and the great racing. For many of us, it was also our return to where we lost a friend, Jerry Gannon, in a jet car crash one year ago. We honored Jerry by being there and carrying on the lifestyle he loved.

If there were any classic cars, hot rods, cool trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles of special interest for sale anywhere in northern Georgia outside of the Super Chevy Show, there couldn't have been any buyers; they were all at the show. And why not? We saw hundreds and hundreds of great machines in the car corral, so many in fact that new sale areas were opened several times during the day on Saturday. We had cars for sale everywhere and some were good enough to have been in the show.

Sucp_0312_30_z 2003_super_chevy_show_atlanta Latest_delight 3/24

The Pro Street section is where you find "BIG" motors and radical cars.

As we've mentioned from time to time, each show we attend seems to have its distinct personality. One thing we always notice about the Atlanta Super Chevy Show is the abundance of Corvairs. The show has many of these classic testimonies to what a laywer with no drivers license can do to an industry if there is media coverage from a city where hardly anyone owns a car. Anyway, there are many people interested in assuring the survival of these great cars, including Billy Bruce of Tyrone, Georgia, who bracket races his '63. It runs 12.60 elapsed times with a Turbo motor and Powerglide!

It surprises a lot of people. We didn't meet Billy but we got the information from his pal, Ken Arnold, while we were awarding him an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car for his '65 Corvair that runs a '61 Buick Special 215ci aluminum V-8, rear-engined of course. For those of you who might not remember, versions of that engine were offered in the original compact Buicks, Oldsmobile, and Pontiacs of the early '60s, and eventually became the mainstay of British Rovers. You see it all in Atlanta.


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