Dallas Super Chevy Show - "What's Going On Out West?"

Drag Racing and the Best Car Show In Texas, What Else?

Tony Kelly Nov 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)

Looking at the nice quiet main street of Ennis, Texas, you might not guess that a couple of miles west there are a bunch of car crazies gathering to admire the best Chevys in the country, and then packing the stands to watch race cars go nearly 300 mph.

Well, it ain't the last picture show, so head 'em out to the Texas Motorplex, and our website www.superchevy-web.com for a look at what happened at the Dallas Super Chevy Show in May. Better than that, put yourself in the middle of all those folks you see in the stands, who took time out to from screaming about Nitro Coupes and Jet Cars to sing "Happy Birthday" to our pal Anita Woodruff, for next year's Dallas Super Chevy Show. You'll get treated right and we'll even show you where Bubba's is.




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