2003 Super Chevy Show Phoenix - Sand, Sun, Air, Water And Chevys

All Together In Phoenix

Tony Kelly Oct 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0310_01_z 2003_super_chevy_phoenix Burnout 2/7

We'll be doing many drives to Super Chevy Shows this year with our Project X which accomplishes several things. We get to drive one of the coolest '57 Chevys in the country, we avoid many body searches at airports, and we get to meet Chevy fans all around the good old USA. We now recognize that on the way to each event we need to have the proper music for getting in the mood for our show location. For Phoenix it included some Marty Robbins gunfighter and cowboy tunes, along with a couple of hits from Gene Autry, including "Back in the Saddle Again."

There might not be too many of you out there with Gene Autry music in the car but, trust us, you're missing a true "tune up" if you don't at least give the old "Singing Cowboy" a chance. Of course there's always the one about "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" which by that time we were ready for great show cars, great racing, and great times. That's what we got.

Check our Web site, www.superchevy-web.com. We found a drag racer and his race car (actually a truck) that was running at Phoenix and had started the Super Chevy trail in 1981; same engine, same trans, same rearend! Guess who is driving it now? Find out why Dan Nickelson is truly a Pro when it comes to racing. Catch all the action, winners and their cars, and what we saw around Firebird Raceway that surprised us.




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