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2003 Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference - Power Of The Spoken Word

Lucky Number 13 Is Year's Advanced Engine Technology Conference

Mike Petralia Aug 1, 2003
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It's reasonable to assume that part of the reason you buy this magazine is to learn all the stuff you can about making horsepower and improving your car's performance. Sometimes, to learn more about the stuff that we think you'll really want to read, we magazine guys must turn to the experts in the field. Since we're in integral part of the "industry" we can simply pick up the phone and call them with a specific question. But, most of these guys can't be expected to take calls from everyone, so the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) was started to give anyone the opportunity to speak directly with the experts and hear them share their secrets of making power.

Every year for the past 13, the AETC has drawn attendees and speakers from all over the world. As the name implies, this weeklong gathering of gearheads is all about engines and making power. This year there was an added benefit to the show. For the first time, Primedia, parent company of SUPER CHEVY magazine, also sponsored the event by sending representatives from several of its magazines including: SUPER CHEVY, Popular Hot Rodding (PHR), Circle Track, and Chevy High Performance. Scott Parkhurst, Tech Editor for PHR even did double-duty at the event by hosting an open discussion on the upcoming 2003 Engine Master's Challenge (EMC). For those of you who're unaware, the EMC is a contest open to any engine builder who thinks he can build the best engine in the country. The rules are very strict, and the whole show is run by PHR with yours truly serving as one of the tech officials. If you think you can beat the best, there's a ton of prize money in it for the top three finishers, (currently over $100,000), check out for the complete rules and regs of the whole shootout. But the main attraction at the AETC is always the featured speakers, whom are invited to open their doors and let you peak inside the inner sanctum of their horsepower-filled world.

Here's a list of the 13th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference speakers and the topic of their discussion.

* Bob Keller, Turbonetics: "Turbocharging: What's the Advantage?"* John Satterfield, DAM Machine Shop: "Project Engineering from Concept to Completion"* Dan Agnew, Managed Programs: "Engineering the Composite Intake Manifold"* Dave Guerrieri, NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation: "A Brief Discussion About Failure"* Dr. Dean Hill, New Mexico State University: "Gasoline: Structure and Combustion"* Leonard Warren, Tech Line Coatings: "Advances in Coating Technology"* Billy Godbold, COMP cams: "Optimizing Valve Events to Improve Performance"* Steve Weinzierl, Schrick, Inc.: "The Design and Development of a Lightweight, High -Speed Diesel Engine for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles"* Lance Ward, Fuel Air Spark Technology (F.A.S.T.): "Electron Fuel Injection: Airflow Determination and Fuel Control Process"* Joe Sherman, Joe Sherman Racing Engines: Special guest discussing his 2002Engine Master's Challenge-winning, 365cid small-block Chevrolet.Cost: for the three-day conference is $500, which includes:* Admission to the conference* Breakfast, two breaks and lunch for all three days* Seminar booklet containing all of the presentations* Contact list of attendees

You can find out all you'll need to know about next year's AETC conference (January 8-11, 2004, Colorado Springs, CO) by visiting: or call: (866) 893-2382

If you can't attend but would still like to hear and see what all the speakers had to say, both video and audio tapes and CDs of the entire conference can be purchased from:

Technical Insights4605 S. Yosemite #19Denver, CO 80237(720) 529-8880-phone(303)

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