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Maple Grove Super Chevy Show - Packed Into The Park

Maple Grove Super Chevy Is Huge

Tony Kelly Jan 1, 2003
Sucp_0301_01_z 2002_maple_grove_super_chevy_show 2/35

Why wouldn't record numbers of cars and people come to Super Chevy at Maple Grove, Pennsylvania? After all, it's the middle of summer, it's one of the most beautiful stops on the tour, and it's where we see some of the best cars in the Northeast. A week after Super Chevy's biggest event at Indianapolis, we travel east a few-hundred miles to this forest near Reading, Pennsylvania, where a racetrack, show grounds, and picnic area have been carved out of the wilderness, just for us. People come from about 20 nearby states and Canada to enjoy the show and races. On top of that, the Manufacturer's Midway presents sellers and products that won't be seen at other shows, and the crowds around those booths are usually about four people deep.

Sucp_0301_34_z 2002_maple_grove_super_chevy_show 3/35

Every show seems to have its own character. Some locations are known for Camaros, some for big cars, some for convertibles. Maple Grove surprises first-time visitors with a large array of trucks. We expect trucks in the wide-open spaces, but the Keystone state folks have affection for their pickups, panels, and SUVs-and it shows. We also notice that Maple Grove is where a car fan needs to go to see the most and best "Pro-Street" machines, many of which come from builders in the area. Don't ever let anyone hear you say, "Pro-Street is dead," when you're in Pennsylvania.

Sucp_0301_02_z 2002_maple_grove_super_chevy_show 4/35

Here's a great Pennsylvania truck! Steve Myers of York, PA, displays his Outstanding Classic Truck Award from Classic Trucks magazine, presented for this great '50 panel.

2002 Maple Grove Super Chevy Show Stats

Saturday Awards

Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Cars
Dino DeRocili, Newark, DE, '60 Bel Air
Jack Jabs, E. Greenville, PA, '66 Nova
Paul Krick, Wernersville, PA, '64 Corvette
Kyle Phillips, Alpha, NJ, '66 Malibu
Morris & Bonnie Romig, New Tripoli, PA, '72 Nova
Tom Satterthwaite, Jackson, NY, '34 Chevy
Mark Shuchart, New Freedom, PA, '70 Chevelle
Danny Smith, Shrewsbury, PA, '69 Camaro
Denny Sneath, Mountville, PA, '69 Camaro
Paul Trudell, Schenectady, NY, '55 Chevy

Sucp_0301_03_z 2002_maple_grove_super_chevy_show 5/35

Mel Eaves doesn't get his Nitro Coupe to every show, but when he does, it's "showtime." In the Nitro finals, it was Dan Nickelson cranking a 6.238 e.t. at 219.01 mph to take the prize against Jim Nordhougen who had to shut off during the run. The two finalists are now tied for the season points lead.

Specialty Awards
Best Interior
Bryan Wilde, Huntingtown, MD, '56 Chevy
Best Paint
William Gravitt, Manorville, NY, '63 Nova
Best Engine
Dave Shugard, Millsboro, DE, '64 Impala
Best Detail Sponsored By Racing Communications, Inc.
Russ & Pat Galbaugh, Lititz, PA, '57 Chevy
Best Workmanship Sponsored By Waterloo Industries
Joe Sulpy, Ledgewood, NJ, '57 Chevy
Best Achievement Stock
Ernie Gebers, Bohemia, NY, '58 Cameo truck
Best Achievement Street
Eric & Kristine Karow, Stowe, PA, '69 Camaro
Best Achievement Modified
Fred Tugend, Lancaster, PA, '37 Ford
ESPN2 Award Of Excellence
Bruce Elliott, Chesapeake Bay, MA, '64 Nova
"Transport Award" - Featherlite Trailers
Dick & Barbara Lagasse, Enfield, CT, '62 Corvette
"Graphics Award" - American Colorscans, Inc.
Tim & Sinah Douglas, Chesterfield, VA, '67 truck
ISCA "Award Of Excellence" - ISCA
Lee Poole, Blandon, PA, '71 Chevelle
Suzuki "Outstanding 4x4" Award
Craig Brinken, Kutztown, PA, '54 delivery
"Outstanding Street Rod" Award - Street Rodder Magazine
Bob & Sandy Weikel, Hilltown, PA, '36 Chevy
"Outstanding Classic Truck" Award - Classic Truck Magazine
Steve Myers, York, PA, '50 panel truck
Super Chevy Magazine 30 Year Anniversary Award
Ronnie Welty, Thurmont, MD, '54 Chevy

Sunday Awards

Specialty awards
Workmat Car Of The Show Award - Workmat
Dick & Barbara Lagasse, Enfield, CT, '62 Corvette
Meguiar's "Medallion Award" For Outstanding Body Appearance
Bob & Sandy Weikel, Hilltown, PA, '36 Chevy
"Attention To Detail" Award - Soffseal
Bryan Wilde, Huntingtown, MD, '56 Chevy

Best Of Gold - Stock - Autostar Productions Inc.
Chris & James Dimetro, Highland, NJ, '69 Chevelle
Best Of Gold - Street - Autostar Productions Inc.
Ed Pienta, Wilkes-Barre, PA, '67 Chevelle
Best Of Gold - Modified - Autostar Productions Inc.
Fred Tugend, Lancaster, PA, '37 Ford
Best Detail Gold Class - Autostar Productions Inc.
Ken Faust, Pennsburg, PA, '67 Camaro
Best Paint Gold Class - Autostar Productions Inc.
Tommy V., W. Islip, NY, '69 Camaro
Best '55-57 - Danchuk Manufacturing
Charles Potts, Reading, PA, '55 Chevy
Best Big Car - Soffseal
Jack Tomshack, Wilkes-Barre, PA, '63 Chevy
Best Camaro - Rick's First Generation Camaros
Danny Smith, Shrewbury, PA, '69 Camaro
Best Chevelle - Original Parts Group
Parke Bishop Jr., Elverson, PA, '64 Chevelle
Best Contemporary - Autostar Productions Inc.
Herb Evans, Spring City, PA, '02 Monte Carlo
Best Conversion - Meguiar's
Ron Mule, Hamilton, NJ, '41 Willys
Best Corvette - Trim Parts & Vette Magazine
Larry Mills, Newton, NJ, '79 Corvette
Best Early Chevrolet - Kimberly-Clark Scott
Pat & Joe Bochnowicz, Sellersville, PA, '48 truck
Best El Camino - Autostar Productions Inc.
Mike Eden, New Freedom, PA, '70 El Camino
Best Monte Carlo -
Luis Rosa, New Holland, PA, '70 Monte Carlo
Best Nova - Wheel Vintiques
Bruce Elliott, Chesapeake, MD, '64 Nova
Best Open - Masters Entertainment
Bill Morgan, Philadelphia, PA, '76 Vega
Best Pro Street/Pro Engineered - Aeroquip Performance Parts
Joe Sulpy IV, Ledgewood, NJ, '57 Chevy
Best Truck - Stylin Concepts
Tim & Sinah Douglas, Chesterfield, VA, '67 truck

Club Participation Possi
Autostar Productions, Inc. Partnership Award
Pete & Priscilla Cogswell, Chula Vista, CA, dedicated Super Chevy Show racers
Waterloo Toolbox Winner - Drag Race
Jay Glasgow, Salisbury, MD, '70 Malibu
Waterloo Toolbox Winner - Car Show
Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, '57 sedan
Best Appearing Crew - Simpson
Gary Irving Nitro Coupe Team, Bolton, ON-Canada

Gold Class Winners
Gold Chevelle '67-67 - Street
Ed Pienta, Wilkes-Barre, PA, '67
Gold Chevelle '68 & Newer - Stock
Chris & James Dimetro, Highland, NJ, '69
Gold Conversion '48 & Earlier - Modified
Fred Tugend, Lancaster, PA, '37 Ford
Gold '67 Pro-Street Camaro - Modified
Ken Faust, Pennsburg, PA, '67
Gold '69 Pro-Street Camaro - Modified
Tommy V., W. Islip, NY, '69

Class Winners
'55-56-57 - Stock
Charles Potts, Reading, PA, '55
'55-56-57 - Street
Dennis Huey, Hamburg, PA, '56
'55-56 - Modified
Bryan Wilde, Huntingtown, MD, '56
'57 - Modified
Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, '57

Big Car '49-54 - Street
Carl Steck, Philadelphia, PA, '51
Big Car '49-54 - Modified
Hugh & Shirley Banks, Woodbridge, VA, '50
Big Car '58-89 - Stock
Jack Tomshack, Wilkes-Barre, PA, '63
Big Car '58-65 - Street
Douglas Tucker, Denville, NJ, '63
Big Car '66-89 - Street
Donald Kline, Mertztown, PA, '66
Big Car '58-89 - Modified
Dave Shugard, Millsboro, DE, '64
Big Car '90-96 - Stock
James Verrinder, Belvidere, NJ, '96
Big Car '90-96 - Street
Tony & Sally Maiale, Berwyn, PA, '96
Big Car '90-96 - Modified
Tim Markert, Brookhaven, PA, '96

Camaro '67-68 - Stock
Gary Sommers, Middletown, MD, '68
Camaro '69 - Stock
Arthur Jackson Jr., Elkton, MD, '69
Camaro '67 - Street
Tom Kern, Honey Brook, PA, '67
Camaro '68 - Street
Garry Ecenroad, Myerstown, PA, '68
Camaro '69 SS Only - Street
Dave Burdan, Boyerstown, PA, '69
Camaro '69 Others - Street
Anna & Tom Bockman, Bellefonte, PA, '69
Camaro '67 - Modified
Richard Jarrell Jr., Newark, DE, '67
Camaro '68 - Modified
Duane Durbin, Mt. Airy, MD, '68
Camaro '69 - Modified
Danny Smith, Shrewsbury, PA, '69
Camaro '70-81 - Stock
Charles Brauchle, S. Plainfield, NJ, '79
Camaro '70-71 - Street
Shawn McEllhenney, Ephrata, PA, '70
Camaro '72-81 - Street
Thomas Bencivengo, Trenton, NJ, '72
Camaro '70-81 - Modified
Brian Page, Lynn, MA, '80
Camaro '82-92 - Stock
Gregory Drevenik, Hudson, PA, '87
Camaro '82-92 - Street
Charles Schuler, Trexlertown, PA, '85
Camaro '82-92 - Modified
Tom & Carole Niemiec, Philadelphia, PA, '89
Camaro '93 & Newer - Stock
Gregory Groft, Bernville, PA, '01
Camaro '93-97 - Street
Troy Moll, Perkiomenville, PA, '97
Camaro '98 & Newer - Street
Andre Blades, Fruitland, MD, '00
Camaro '93 & Newer - Modified
George Couvier, Whitby, ON, '95

Chevelle '64-67 - Stock
Doug Yoder, Red Lion, PA, '66
Chevelle '64 - Street
Tim Mullen, Hockessin, DE, '64
Chevelle '65 - Street
Kenneth Pfeffer Jr., Douglassville, PA, '65
Chevelle '66-67 - Street
Jason Knowles, Mohrsville, PA, '67
Chevelle '64-67 - Modified
Parke Bishop Jr., Elverson, PA, '64
Chevelle '60's & '80's - Stock
Frank Chicherchia, Hilburn, NY, '69
Chevelle '70's - Stock
Anthony Mattioli, Patterson, NY, '70
Chevelle '68-69 - Street
Mike Ford, Warminster, PA, '68
Chevelle '70 - Street
Bruce McClintock, Royersford, PA, '70
Chevelle '71 - Street
Paul Flory, Lititz, PA, '71
Chevelle '71 SS & Wagons - Street
Steve Kingdon, Conklin, NY, '71
Chevelle '72-83 -- Street
Rob Grasberger, Watchung, NJ, 72
Chevelle Other Convertible & Wagons - Street
James Fairchild, Mountainside, NJ, '70
Chevelle '60's - Modified
Angelo Scalo, Fairfield, NJ, '69
Chevelle '70 & Newer - Modified
Lee Poole, Blandon, PA, '71

Contemporary - Stock
Herb Evans, Spring City, PA, '02 Monte Carlo
Contemporary - Street
Cathy Vine, Phillipsburg, NJ, '00 Monte Carlo

Conversion '48 & Earlier - Modified
Ron Mule, Hamilton, NJ, '41 Willys
Conversion '49 & Newer - Modified
Jim Dilliplaine, Douglassville, PA, '78 Bronco

Corvette '53-67 - Stock
DM Spaulding, Cream Ridge, NJ, '63
Corvette '53-67 - Street
John Harpie, Coatesville, PA, '67
Corvette '53-67 - Modified
Dick & Barbara Lagasse, Enfield, CT, '62
Corvette '68-82 - Stock
Jay Field, Reading, PA, '82
Corvette '68-82 - Street
Angela Gauby, Pottstown, PA, '68
Corvette '68-82 - Modified
Larry Mills, Newton, NJ, '79
Corvette '84-93 - Stock
Jere Hemperly, Lancaster, PA, '91
Corvette '94 & Newer - Stock
Dan Braverman, Waterloo, NY, '02
Corvette '84 & Newer - Street
Edward Proctor, Wyndmoor, PA, '87
Corvette '84 & Newer - Modified
Jim Dawes, Stewartsville, NJ, '99

Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier - Stock
Lloyd Shisler, Ithaca, NY, '33
Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier -- Modified
Randy Holcroft, Lansdale, PA, '29
Early Chevrolet '36-48 -- Modified
Bob & Sandy Weikel, Hilltown, PA, '36
El Camino - Stock
Zac Campbell, Newport Richey, FL, '71
El Camino - Street
Ralph Eary, Cochranville, PA, '70
El Camino - Modified
Mike Eden, New Freedom, PA, '70

Monte Carlo - Stock
David Durst, Cumberland, MD, '72
Monte Carlo '70-86 - Street
Carl Hanson, W. Haven, CT, '71
Monte Carlo '87 - Street
Tim Bishop, Queenstown, MD, '87
Monte Carlo '70-84 - Modified
Luis Rosa, New Holland, PA, '70
Monte Carlo '85-88 - Modified
Hilaire Modic, Delmont, PA, '86

Nova '62-67 - Stock
Robert Turs, Middletown, CT, '66
Nova '62-67 - Street
Larry Small, Wayneboro, VA, '66
Nova '62-67 - Modified
Bruce Elliott, Chesapeake Bch, MD, '64
Nova '68 & Newer - Stock
Jim Henry, Lancaster, PA, '69
Nova '68 & Newer - Street
Ted Petine, Bloomfield, NJ, '69
Nova '68 & Newer - Modified
Charlie Van Cleave, Rockville, MD, '73
Open - Stock
Eleanor Clevenstine, Birdsboro, PA, '75 Cosworth Vega
Open - Street
Andrew Weaver, Mechanicsburg, PA, '76 Cosworth Vega
Open - Modified
Bill Morgan, Philadelphia, PA, '76 Vega

Pro Street - Modified
Bob Brazee, Peekskill, NY, '55 Bel Air
Pro Street Early - Modified
Linwood & Patti Bowie, Waynesboro, PA, '34 Chevy
Pro Street Camaro - Modified
Adam Fox, St. Leonard, MD, '68 Camaro
Pro Street Chevelle -- Modified
Kevin Wilkinson, Philadelphia, PA, '81 Malibu
Pro Street Truck - Modified
Chris Schittler, Reading, PA, '72 El Camino
Pro Street '55-57 - Modified
Joe Sulpy IV, Ledgewood, NJ, '57 Bel Air

Pro Street Nova -- Modified
Rocco DiPasquale, Clifton Heights, PA, '66 Nova
Pro Engineered '65 & Earlier -- Modified
Ron & Laurie Gates, Baldwin, MD, '65 Chevy II
Pro Engineered '66-78 -- Modified
Denny Sneath, Mountville, PA, '67 Camaro

Street Cruiser
Harry Cronk, Poughkeepsie, NY, '56 Nomad
Street Cruiser
Bob Wambold, Elverson, PA, '67 Nova
Street Cruiser
Layton Finkbiner, Glenmoore, PA, '69 Camaro
Street Cruiser
Don Bennett, Fredericksburg, VA, '55 Bel Air
Street Cruiser
Bruce Cleaver, Boyertown, PA, '74 Vega

Truck '49-72 - Stock
Ernie Gebers, Bohemia, NY, '58
Truck '49-72 - Street
Richard Nolt, Bowmansville, PA, '69
Truck '49-72 - Modified
Tim & Sinah Douglas, Chesterfield, VA, '67
Truck '73-87 - Modified
Henry & Darlene Farlow, White Marsh, MD, '74
Truck '88 & Newer - Stock
Bob Kelly, Carbondale, PA, '90
Truck '88 & Newer - Street
Gary Peccarelli, Nutley, NJ, '90
Truck '88 & Newer - Modified
Keith Barr, Lebanon, PA, '93
4X4 Truck - Stock
Pete & Margie Agozzino, Clifton Heights, PA, '97
4X4 Truck - Street
Edward Lewis, Frankford, DE, '91
4X4 Truck - Modified
Vinny Scalavino, Shippensburg, PA, '72
Mini Truck - Stock
Sly Brisco, Boyce, VA, '97
Mini Truck - Street
Ben Rosa, New Holland, PA, '02
Mini Truck - Modified
Donna Hahn, East Berlin, PA, '92
4X4 Mini Truck - Street
Carolyn Miller, Royersford, PA, '95
4X4 Mini Truck - Modified
Vernon Pittman Sr., Narvon, PA, '98
SUV - Street
Bill Utley, Warminster, PA, '66 panel
SUV - Modified
Steve Myers, York, PA, '50 panel
4X4 SUV - Stock
Doris Reighard, Elizabethtown, PA, '02
4X4 SUV - Street
Tray Marino, Columbus, NJ, '02 Yukon
4X4 SUV - Modified
Craig Brinken, Kutztown, PA, '54 delivery
4X4 Mini SUV - Stock
Tom Pinti, Birdsboro, PA, '91
4X4 Mini SUV - Street
Aaron Klinger, Sinking Spring, PA, '92

Drag Race Results

Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Cars
Bill Brinegar, Baltimore, MD, '69 Camaro
Walter Cofiell, Sparks, MD, '75 Vega
Joe Kosierowski, Aston, PA, '84 Monte Carlo
Scott Marsh, Baltimore, MD, '55 Chevy
John Nahill, Maple Shade, NJ, '66 Chevelle
Frank Romano, Long Island, NY, '66 Nova
Robert Schmidt, Long Island, NY, '67 Chevelle
Billy Stotler, Winchester, VA, '70 GMC truck
Tom Tumolo, Maple Shade, NJ, '69 Nova
Bill Wood, Long Island, NY, '67 Camaro

Bracket 1
Winner - Mike Turocy, Bethlehem, PA, '98 Quay, 11.072 @ 103.17mph
Runner-Up - Russell Sparks, W. Islip, NY, '02 Schacker, 9.873 @ 83.25mph

Bracket 2
Winner - Scott Smoley, Selinsgrove, PA, '73 Nova,10.249 @ 129.45mph
Runner-Up - Roy Hall, Emmaus, PA, 10.153 @ 132.53mph

Dot Street Tire
Winner - Bret Schlichtig, West Chester, PA, '89 Camaro, 12.033 @ 112.31mph
Runner-Up - Chris Chadwick, Mt. Bethel, PA, '69 Camaro SS, 12.982 @ 107.23mph

Nitro Coupes
Winner - Dan Nickelson, LaVerne, CA, '94 Beretta, 6.238 @ 219.01mph
Runner-Up - Jim Nordhougen, Longmont, CO, '41 Chevy, 12.084 @ 69.22mph

Last Chance Race
Winner - Peter Tucci, Wantagh, NY, 8.902 @ 144.94mph
Runner-Up - Tommy Walsh, Croyden, PA, 8.088 @ 163.22mph

2002 Maple Grove Super Chevy Show Vendor's List
ABC Tires & Wheels
American SportsCar Design
Appleby Systems, Inc.
ATI Performance Products
Ausley's Chevelle Parts, Inc.
Auto City Classic
Automotive Catalog Supply Company
Avanti Performance Products
Avina Specialties
Borla Performance Industries
Bowtie Performance
Bradley's Car Collectibles
Buff's Tools & Equipment
C&C Enterprises
California Street Rods Inc.
Camaro Central
Camaro Specialty
CFM Motorsports
Checkered Racing
Cherokee Distributing
Christy's Cars & Collectibles
CJ's Tire & Automotive Services
Classic Covers
Cory's Vinyl Graphics
Creations by Julie
Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc.
Dayton Motorsports Video
Discount Auto Watches
Don Garlits Museum
Driving Ambition
F.A.S.T. (Florida Auto Specialties & Tools)
Featherlite Inc.
Flashcards Inc.
Florida Auto Fastener
Florida Performance
Gene Clayton Signs
Gilbert's Sport Collectibles
Hardbarger Signs
High Performance Image (Primedia)
Hubbard's Impala Parts
Installers Supply
J&W Nova
Jim Cook Performance
K-Town Speed & Custom
KC Racing Collectibles
L&M Engines Inc.
Lehigh Valley Chevelle Parts
LoneStar - Super Chevy Store
LoneStar Muscle Car (SoffSeal)
Minnesota Pneumatic Products
MK Hobbies and Collectibles
Moroso Performance
Northcoast Performance Pasco Industrial Adhesives
Penn Tool Supply
Philly Mint
Photo Sports
Priority Sales
Renegade Custom Coaches & Trailers
Rick's First Generation Camaros
Rise & Shine Enterprises
Shoreline Automotive, Inc.
Showtime Auto Accessories
Somewhere In Time
Staffin Associates
Sunglass Express
Sunglasses and More
TMG Sports Marketing/GM Performance Parts
Toys & Things
USA Snake Oyl Products, Inc.
West Point Automotive



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