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Las Vegas Super Chevy Show - Sensory Overload In Vegas

Super Chevys, Stealth Bombers, Nitro Coupe Season Finals, Jet Fighters, And Jet Cars

Tony Kelly Jun 1, 2002
Sucp_0206_01_z Las_vegas_super_chevy_show Drag_rail 2/25

Smoke like this kept the USAF Thunderbird team away. We need to arrange a match race with them.

As if it wasn't enough that this was the final event of the '01 Super Chevy Show season, a year that in itself overloaded us, but we were in Las Vegas; we had the Thunderbirds (the USAF team, not the cars) flying over head, the Nitro Coupe champion was yet to be decided, and some of the best show cars in the West were on hand. We even had stealth bombers flying over once in a while.

We tried to take pictures, but you know, they're stealthy. We had people from all over the country at the Las Vegas Super Chevy Show, from Washington state, California, Minnesota, and all points in between. Friends we only get to see once a year made it to the Vegas Super Chevy Show. I even got my '62 Corvette loosened up by driving from Southern California. I did manage a "Blowout in Baker" during the nighttime drive, but I was lucky. The Auto Club tow driver got me in and out in two hours with a brand-new tire and not much money out of my pocket. From stories I've heard about car trouble in Baker (last little town in California before reaching the Nevada border), I used up all my luck on the way to Vegas. Even with that, it didn't take away from the fun of driving my old Vette.

We have several changes in the schedule for next year, so check out the Web site or the Super Chevy Show ads in this magazine to plan your schedule. We'll be starting up again in March at the world-famous Pomona Dragstrip and ending in Las Vegas again in November. Whenever you get to a Super Chevy Show, say hello.


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