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Chevy & Corvette Show - A Milestone Celebration

20th Anniversary Chevy/vettefest

Kelly Glatch Jun 1, 2002
Sucp_0206_01_z Chevy_corvette_show Event 2/10

Over 350 of the finest stock and custom Chevrolets filled the north building of Chicago's McCormick Place for the 20th Anniversary edition of Chevy/Vettefest.

Anniversaries are for celebrating, especially when it is a milestone like a 20th Anniversary. So when the Chevy/Vettefest show in Chicago reached its 20-year mark last November, it certainly was a time to celebrate.

To mark the 20th Anniversary of Chevy/Vettefest, promoters Al Fierke and Ken Hanna assembled possibly the finest collection of Chevrolets from the United States and Canada. The event, held inside the huge McCormick place Exposition Center in downtown Chicago, attracted over 40,000 Chevy enthusiasts over the weekend of November 10th and 11th.

For custom and race cars, a new award, the Bow Tie Boulevard(tm), brought out some of the hottest Chevys around. From early Chevy hot rods to modern Pro Street cars, from an injected '55 Bel Air to a slammed '67 Nova wagon, a wide variety of vehicles were found.

Sucp_0206_02_z Chevy_corvette_show 35_master_coach 3/10

The new Bow Tie Boulevard(tm) award was given to the best customs of the show, like this '35 Master Coach sedan owned by Larry Rondle of Chicago. It's powered by an '88 Corvette L98 350 engine.

Then there were the factory-stock Chevys. Most of the cars were flawless restorations, but there were also a number of original, unrestored survivors that looked showroom-new. Most of the feature cars have earned multiple awards of the highest distinction, but a few also competed in Chevy/Vettefest's famed Gold Spinner Concourse(tm). A '60 Impala with under 2,500 miles on the odometer, a rare fuel-injected '57 Bel Air that was completed just hours before the show, and a pair of original-owner '87 Monte Carlo SSs are just a sample of what filled the building. A total of over 300 vehicles were featured in the show.

Chevrolet brought their Corvette Heritage display to the show, where they displayed the new Avalanche truck along with the '02 Corvettes. They also showed one of the '00 LeMans C5-R racecars, and the actual '78 Indianapolis 500 pace car.

Sucp_0206_10_z Chevy_corvette_show 98_cavalier 4/10

This Generation-X performance '98 Cavalier is owned by Shane Simon.

The spring edition of this semi-annual event takes place March 2nd and 3rd next year, again inside McCormick Place.

For more information: Mid America Promotions, 7322 S. Archer Road, Justice, IL 60458, (708) 563-4300,



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