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2001 Sema and PRI Show - The Big Two

The Coolest New Parts From The Sema And Pri Shows

Mike Petralia Jun 1, 2002
Sucp_0206_02_z Sema_pri_show Goodmark_chevelle 2/30

Goodmark Industries unveiled their Chevelle project car that we've been following the buildup of over the past year. It got lots of attention in the Primedia (our parent company) booth at the SEMA Show. See it at:, (770) 339-8557.

Every year between Halloween and Christmas we pack up our cameras, throw some clean clothes in a suitcase, and head out of town. The two biggest automotive hard parts trade shows happen around that time and we go to both with visions of horsepower in our heads. What we're talking about are the annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer's Association) and PRI (Performance Racing Industry) trade shows. There's more power and performance to be seen in those giant halls than we could fit into an entire issue, so we had to narrow our selections down to just a few to share with you. This year we found some really trick stuff, so here it goes.

Sema 2001
Las Vegas, NV
The SEMA show has more high-performance hoopla than a gaggle of car magazines could produce. Whether you're looking for Xenon headlamps to brighten your musclecar or just want the best parts to make the most power possible, SEMA is the place to find them.

Heads, Heads, And More Heads!
There are more new cylinder heads coming out every day than we could add up with an Abacus, but that didn't prevent us from stopping by some of the coolest new head manufacturers' booths at both the SEMA and PRI shows.

Sucp_0206_02_z Sema_pri_show Holley_carb 3/30

Holley has been building carbs since before recorded time, and they're always looking for ways to improve the venerable four-barrel. These new off-road 4x4 carbs from Holley feature custom annular boosters in the primary venturis only for great low-end power. Also check out the bowl vent tube that connects the two halves of the carb together to prevent spillage on steep treks. Check out all of Holley's new parts at:, (520) 579-9177.

Sucp_0206_03_z Sema_pri_show Ls1_charger 4/30

Magna Charger makes a new LS1 blower with a reverse-drive system for an easy bolt-on under new Camaro and Corvette hoods. Note how the air intake is at the front of the engine, and the blower is driven at the back via a modified driveshaft that's spun with the same serpentine belt that drives all the other accessories. This trick system will up your power quotient exponentially, but it does require a bulge in the hood. Find out more at:, (805) 289-0044.



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