Indianapolis Super Chevy Show - 20 Years Of Super Chevy Indy

And Ready For 20 More

Tony Kelly Dec 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)
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Monte Carlo fans sometimes feel neglected because they don't see too many of their favorites IN SUPER CHEVY. At INdy we saw dozens of them, all beautiful, and many from the First-Generation Monte Carlo Club. We gave an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award to Tim SMIth from Ogdon, IL, for his '70 Monte.

If there is a word In the English language that car people recognize more than Indy, it's Chevy. Put the two words together and they define the premier event of 2001: the Indianapolis Super Chevy Show. Add the fact that this year's event marks 20 years at Indy and we can understand the excitement that prevailed from July 12 through 15. Hundreds and hundreds of the best and most beautiful Chevys from all over the country poured into Indianapolis Raceway Park to compete for show awards and racing cash. Wherever we went, people told us they were amazed at the quality of cars at Indy, whether the cars were entered to show or race.

Just when we were getting used to the awesome display of show and race cars, we toured the Swap Meet and Car Corral. It isn't Hershey (yet), but for Chevy fans, it's as good as it gets. You would need all four days of Indy to see every booth and display, and if it wasn't there, you probably didn't need it. Then, there was the Manufacturers Midway. Everybody who was anybody, or who wanted to be, was there with the greatest and best new products. John Moss, the Chevy executive often called the "Father of the Modern Impala SS" was in attendance and signed autographs, including some on Impala SSs.

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Even though we all know "it don't raIN IN INdianapolis IN the summertime" there were plenty of umbrellas. It got a tad warm.

Drag racing provided its share of thrills with the Nitro Coupe team of Gary Irving, setting a new altitude record for '52 Chevy front clips. Irving blew a motor in a big way at about 1,000 feet and launched the bodywork from his racer. No one was hurt, and Gary and the gang swears they'll be back soon.

Talking to the people at Indy, we were amazed at the number of attendees who have been to 15 or 20 years of this event. Some of the people don't have cars entered; they just come because of the beautiful Chevys and the massive swap meet. That's loyalty-tells us what a great event the Indy Super Chevy Show really has been over the years, and what it will be for the next 20 years.

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First Place IN the Larry Bird look-alike contest (we were IN INdiana, you know) went to Brad Johannes of HaMIlton, OH, who also happened to own this '71 Chevelle that won an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award




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