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Atlanta Super Chevy Show - Song Sung Blue

Despite A Little Rain, Super Chevy Atlanta Was As Hot As Ever!

Tony Kelly Nov 1, 2001
Sucp_0111_01_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show Event 2/39

The lights went out in Georgia, it was a rainy night in Georgia, and through it all we had Georgia on our mind (not the old girlfriend either). How's that for music that we thought of while claps of thunder, sounding as if they were 10 feet over our heads, rumbled though the sky? Had it not been for some late afternoon dramatics from awesome lightning strikes, Dan Nickelson could have won two Nitro Coupe finals in one weekend.

On Saturday, the Nickelson crew finished up what we started in Epping, New Hampshire, the week before. They cranked up a 6.873 e.t. during a 205.51-mph run in their '94 Beretta to win out over final round competitor John Reynolds, who kept his '91 Corvette close with a 6.990 e.t. at 198.26 mph. As it was, even with a little bit of rain we could have gone back to racing except Mother Nature put about a billion volts of electricity into the power grid, blowing out all the computers on the dragstrip. Can't race without computers, you know, so we'll have to settle Atlanta at Bristol on June 23. Come to think of it, one of the Nitro Coupes could still win two final rounds in one weekend. Wouldn't that be cool?

Sucp_0111_03_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show 38_chevy_coupe 3/39

Shining in the Saturday sun, Erwin Aderhold's Woodstock, GA, '38 Chevy coupe looked like a winner. That's why we named it one of the Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Cars.

Car show enthusiasts once again showed their mettle, as they hung in there for the trophy presentation and photos even while the wind whipped up and the rain started. Dennis and Anita Parham from Seneca, South Carolina, even sat in their car until the rain ended so we could finish up some photos on a feature shoot of their '55 two-door that we couldn't get to the day before. When the rain stopped, Dennis quickly dried his car, we shot the remaining pictures, and he and Anita drove out in the cleanest car at the show. A little rain never hurt a Chevy.

Atlanta Super Chevy Show had it all. Mostly sun, a little rain, a little thunder and lightning, spectacular cars, and furious drag racing. Now we're heading to Bristol to finish up the Atlanta Nitro Coupe finals and maybe see if the kids in Bristol are hot as a pistol.

AutoStar Productions would like to thank all participants & spectators at Atlanta for enduring the weather with us!!!

Sucp_0111_08_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show Corvairs 7/39

Here's to ya, Ralph. At least these Corvairs are still running.

Kerry Hunter, Jacksonville, FL, used restraint in doing this '55 Bel Air, and we decided it deserved an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award.

Kevin Backer, Maysville, GA, tells us this Camaro was no where near this great looking when he started. For all the work to get it like this, Kevin took home an Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award.

Ted Jones of Masters Entertainment, who probably produces more drag race and show coverage than anybody on TV, receives the Discover Platinum Partnership Award from Roger Gustin in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the Super Chevy Shows.

Trim Parts also showed off its '64 Chevelle Malibu SS convertible at its Manufacturer's Midway booth. We chose to show the engine, but the rest of the car is just as clean and bright.

Don't look now, but somebody got away with the body that came on Mark Thompson's '64 Suburban. Maybe he drove it over from home in Conyers, GA, sitting on a peach crate. Thankfully, what's left is very good.

Mike Haynes of Valdosta, GA, accepts the Best Corvette-Trim Parts and Vette Magazine Award from Darryl Bowman of Trim Parts, the award's sponsor. Haynes's '63 was chosen over some extremely impressive Corvettes. If it looks like the people in the background are blurred, they are. We were within about one minute of heavy rain and they were running for cover.

Sucp_0111_16_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show Hot_rod_wagon 14/39

The coolest kid at the show. Madelyne Halsey, five months, enjoys the Super Chevy Show in her Bow-Tie-powered stroller.

C-5 Corvettes are great just the way they come from the factory, but Chris Green, Dunlap, TN, added a few touches to personalize his '00 model-it got a lot of attention. Along with a suspension package and tires, the engine compartment received braided lines, dress-up items, and detailing.

Granted that the suspension is a big-bucks item on this Suburban, but we would settle for the tire-dressing budget on this high-stepper!

Reminiscent of sleepers that used to blow our doors off, this plain-vanilla '69 Chevelle coupe, owned by Phil Turner of Locust Grove, GA, runs a 396 big-block. Turner took home our Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award along with the Chevelle '68 & Newer-Street award.

Sucp_0111_23_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show 62_corvette 18/39

Gerald Copeland's '62 Corvette from Tifton, GA, was bright enough to turn heads even before it was obvious that the car had been seriously updated. Besides an EFI small-block, the suspension had been treated to a rack and pinion and coilovers in front with disc brakes all around. Worthy of our Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award.

At last count there were 46 late-model Impalas in this compound, including this version of a checkered flag. Quite appropriate for Impala SS models.

We hope this is a dry-sump system.

Two very serious drag racers. These ladies don't race against each other but, they make life tough for the competition. Margie Richardson, Cairo, GA, drives a '66 Nova, and Joyce Welsh from Blyth, GA, campaigns the Grandma's Rocking Chair '65 Nova. We were happy to give them both Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car awards.

Sucp_0111_32_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show 34_roadster 22/39

Glen Hardy from Anderson, SC, couldn't decide whether to enter his '34 roadster in the show or the race. He chose race and we chose the car for a Top Ten Drag Car award.

For J.D. Reid of Conyers, GA, drag racing is family affair. We presented the Reids with an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award.

Carl Redding, Travelers Rest, said he couldn't accept our Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award for their '37 Fiat until his wife Peggy came back from the snack bar, because she is the most important part of their team. We waited and we're glad we did.

From this angle it doesn't look Pro Street, but from behind you see some awesome meat under the tubs. Dennis and Anita Parham drove their beautiful '55 from Seneca, SC.

John Ring of Clayton, GA, drives a front engine dragster. Since we thoroughly dig front engine rails, and this being a good one, Ring and crew took home an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car award.

Although Beverly Bullion of Greenwood, SC, told us she didn't drive the family race car, a '63 Corvette, she did admit to owning it. We awarded her, and husband Gene, who was watching other cars race, an Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Car.

The swap and car corral were at least a quarter of a mile long. Some of the cars in the corral could have been judged for awards, they were so clean.

Sucp_0111_42_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show Show_winners 29/39

All of these car show winners braved the impending rain, thunder, and lightning to pose for our camera as the clouds rolled in. After the flash went off, it was time to jump back and let everyone run for their cars.

Jim Nordoughen, left lane, and John Reynolds generate some heat and smoke to ready their Nitro Coupes. Nordhougen prevailed with an impressive 6.29 e.t. at a blazing 221.71 mph.

"Want to hear it run?"

Members of three different teams, along with Autostar Race Director Phil Gustin, jumped out to help when Gary Irving's car wouldn't go into Reverse. Good sportsmanship is a big part of Super Chevy Shows. Unfortunately for Irving, competitor Doug Winters ran a 6.59 e.t. at 213.30 mph to get to the finish line ahead of Gary's 6.89 at 196.53.

Sucp_0111_47_z Atlanta_super_chevy_show Fiat_vs_roadster 33/39

A '37 Fiat lined up against a "T" roadster. Shades of glory days.

Specialty award winners are shown with their impressive collection of trophies and plaques. No lightning would dare interfere with this group.

This young man probably won't forget to wear ear protection next time he's this close to a Nitro Coupe burnout.

High-flying Camaros leave the line. Some of the best performances we see all weekend are during Saturday morning time trials.

The heat is definitely on!

Check out the red clay of Georgia and what the staff thought of it. Learn about new Super Chevy Awards at future shows and who is leading in Nitro Coupe points. Also, more event photos.



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