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2001 Phoenix Super Chevy Show - Baseball, Apple Pie, & Super Chevy

If It's Springtime, We Must Be In Phoenix

Tony Kelly Aug 1, 2001
Sucp_0108_01_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 2/31

These kids know where it's cool: in the shade of a Chevy!

Major league baseball comes to the dry climate in Arizona each spring toplay exhibition games before the regular season begins. The Super ChevyShow comes to Arizona to exhibit show cars and drag racing machines, butit's the real thing: the season is open. Too bad we didn't have anyapple pie, but two fer three ain't bad, as the saying goes.

Firebird Raceway in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler is a unique place tovisit. Had you been at the track during the weekend of March 23 through25, you would have experienced a sports car race, a driving school, andthe Super Chevy Show, which included non-stop drag racing as well as ashown-n-shine. It was enough to keep car people entertained regardlessof what kind of machine they enjoy. For most of the people, however, itwas all Super Chevy.

Sucp_0108_02_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 3/31

Chevrolet had their latest diesel-crew-cab-dually (wow that's a longname for a pickup) on display for admiring fans who want the latest incruising comfort, while hauling cars to Super Chevy Shows.

Just to add to the excitement, on Saturday afternoon we received theannouncement that Autostar's Roger Gustin decided to add another show tothe already action-packed 21-event schedule. The new stop (which bringsthe total to 22) is actually a return to a track the series last visitedin 1998-that being the new facility in Tucson, Arizona. The Super ChevyShow 18-wheeler will roll into Tucson November 9 through 11, which isthe weekend after the SEMA Show and right before the season finale inLas Vegas. Seems like the Southwest is the hot spot for Super ChevyShow action this year, and for good reason. We're definitely lookingforward to coming back to Tucson.

Sucp_0108_07_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 7/31

La Bomb Ba takes on a whole new meaning with Otto Anderson's showgrounds cruiser.

At Phoenix the Gold Class grew by a few entries, two of them owned byJack Shewmaker of Bentonville, Arkansas. One is a '56 Nomad and theother is a '57 Bel Air convertible. To give you an example of the workthat builder Ron Kissinger put into these cars, the chassis for the '57was displayed by itself at the Montgomery, Alabama, show last year andwas so stunning that we ran photos of it in our coverage (Mar. '01). Ironically, neither of these cars took home the top trophy (although the'57 was awarded Best Detail-Gold Class) and when the awards ceremony wasover, builder Kissinger went to the car show judges for constructivecriticism on how these cars could do better next time, and they toldhim. This illustrates two points about Super Chevy Shows: one, thecompetition is awesome, and two, any participant in any class has theability-and is encouraged-to talk with the judges about his or her car,and the judges will share their written notes made during the car'sexamination. Definitely nice to know.

Sucp_0108_11_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 11/31

Editor's Choice Top Ten Show Car winners gather to display their awards.

Phoenix has become the home to many performance-oriented industries,following in the high-tech footsteps of many electronic firms that movedto the dry climate a few years back. Manufacturer's Midway hostedseveral local firms, including Ciadella Quality Chevy Industries, andMaster Street Rods. Between the enthusiast-related manufacturers here,and the large number of great Bow-Tie machines in the area, it's nowonder that the Super Chevy Show in Phoenix is one of the best we seeall year. What we've found is that Chevy people from all over thecountry have come here to live, and they've brought their hobby and carswith them. For that we say thanks for a great show. Hope to see all ofyou in Tucson and Las Vegas.

Sucp_0108_15_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 15/31

Phoenix is Truck Country. Check out Chuck and Cynthia Coulter's Sedona,Arizona-based '59 Suburban. They went home with a well-deservedEditor's Choice Top Ten Show Car award, and First in Class forSUV-Modified.

Drag Race Results

Bracket 1

Winner-Keith Manogue, Phoenix, AZ, '63 Nova, 11.701 @ 122.06 mph
Runner-Up-Brian Lopez, Tucson, AZ, '79 Malibu, 10.766 @ 122.82 mph

Bracket 2

Winner-Ken Passerby, Chino Valley, AZ, '71 Vega, 12.445 @ 107.30 mph
Runner-Up-Tibor Kadar, Glendale, AZ, '67 Pontiac, 11.645 @ 110.48 mph

Sucp_0108_22_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 19/31

Dot Street Tire

Winner-Carlos Hernandez, Jr., Santa Fe, NM, '69 Chevelle, 11.921 @ 108.84 mph
Runner-Up-Mark Livingston, Sedona, AZ, '79 Blazer, 11.761 @ 114.40 mph

Nitro Coupes

Winner-Doug Winters, Kernersville, NC, '58 Corvette, 7.033 @ 165.76mph
Runner-Up-John Reynolds, Loveland, CO, '91 Corvette, 6.984 @ 204.14 mph

GM Street


Sucp_0108_23_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 23/31

Saturday Bracket Race

Winner-Butch Warner, Congress, AZ, '88 Pontiac, 9.344 @ 143.66 mph
Runner-Up-John Aldridge, Glendale, AZ, '96 Yancer Dragster, 8.994 @ 160.92 mph

Junior Dragsters

Winner-Kyle Marley, Mesa, AZ, 11.955 @ 51.06 mph
Runner-Up-Amy Secor, Mesa, AZ, 11.795 @ 53.21 mph

Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Cars

Tim Ebbett, Lake Havasu, AZ, '66 Nova
Vincent Foti, Phoenix, AZ, '91 Corvette
Jack Garrison, Phoenix, AZ, '70 Nova
Gregg Hopkins, Phoenix, AZ, '70 Camaro
Don Macey, Phoenix, AZ, '72 Chevelle
Don Miller, Phoenix, AZ, '80 Corvette
Paul Montoya, Walsenburg, CO, '56 Chevy
Mike Proctor, Mesa, AZ, '68 El Camino
Kevin Spoth, Chandler, AZ, '66 Nova
Andy Wing, Phoenix, AZ, '69 Camaro

Sucp_0108_24_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 24/31

Vette magazine's award for Best Corvette went to Mesa, Arizona's, CarlMcCoy for his beautiful '63 roadster. Darryl Bowman did thepresentation honors on behalf of award sponsor Trim Parts.

Car Show Results

Editor's Choice Top Ten Car Show

Otto Anderson, Albuquerque, NM, '57 Bel Air
Ron Anderson, Peoria, AZ, '65 Chevelle
Earl Bumpas, Scottsdale, AZ, '34 Chevy
Chuck & Cynthia Coulter, Sedona, AZ, '59 Suburban
Derwin Dugger, Sun Lakes, AZ, '39 Ford
Sharon & Gerry Durnall, Alhambra, CA, '61 Bel Air
Carl McCoy, Mesa, AZ, '63 Corvette
John & Sylvia Piccola, Las Vegas, NV, '65 Nova
Lenn Pritchard, Paradise Valley, AZ, '57 Bel Air
Earl Randall, Odessa, TX, '69 Camaro

Saturday Specialty Awards

Best Interior-Bob & Nancy Smith, Lake Havasu City, AZ, '55 Chevy
Best Paint- Jim Hollamon, Glendale, AZ, '72 truck
Best Engine-Dave Lowther, Glendale, AZ, '55 Nomad
Best Detail-Ron Massow, El Paso, TX, '55 Chevy
Best Workmanship Sponsored By Waterloo Industries-John Young, Yuma, AZ, '56 Chevy
Best Achievement Stock-Mark Long, Phoenix, AZ, '66 Nova
Best Achievement Street-Ron Pehlman, Phoenix, AZ, '72 truck
Best Achievement Modified- Ernie Padilla, Phoenix, AZ, '72 Chevelle

Sucp_0108_28_z Super_chevy_show Phoenix_2001 28/31

Now there's a great target to blow flames at.

Sunday Specialty Awards

Best Of Gold-Autostar
Nick Czuczko, Upland, CA, '70 Nova

Best Big Car-Soffseal
Sharon & Gerry Durnall, Alhambra, CA, '61 Bel Air

Best Camaro-Rick's First Generation Camaros
Jack Martin, Chandler, AZ, '68 Camaro

Best Chevelle - Original Parts Group
Ron Anderson, Peoria, AZ, 64 Chevelle

Best Corvette-Trim Parts & Vette Magazine
Carl McCoy, Mesa, AZ, 63 Corvette

Best El Camino-Autostar
Randy Duke, Phoenix, AZ, '72 El Camino

Best '55-57-Danchuk Manufacturing
Les Davidson, Riverside, CA, '57 Chevy

Best Nova-Autostar
Jan Francis, Phoenix, AZ, '68 Nova

Best Monte Carlo-Autostar
Cuco Urtiaga, Belen, NM, '72 Monte Carlo

Meguiar's "Medallion Award" For Outstanding Body Appearance
Smokey Crosman, Chandler, AZ, '66 Nova

Best Conversion-Autostar
W.K. Smith, Chandler, AZ, '49 Ford

Best Open-Masters Entertainment
Joe Secor, Mesa, AZ, '77 Monza

Best Pro Street/Pro Engineered- Autostar
Earl Randall, Odessa, TX, '69 Camaro

Best Truck - Autostar
Jim Hollamon, Glendale, AZ, '72 truck

Club Participation
Southwest Nova, Phoenix, AZ

Best Contemporary-Autostar
Adam Powell, Mesa, AZ, '00 Cavalier

Best Detail Gold Class-Autostar
Jack Shewmaker, Bentonville, AR, '57 Chevy

Best Paint Gold Class-Autostar
Fred & Belinda Smith, Alta Loma, CA, '71 El Camino

Best Early Chevrolet-Meguiar's
Bill Towler, Peoria, AZ, '40 Chevy

"Great Ride" Award-Gr8ride.Com
Ron Massow, El Paso, TX, '55 Chevy

Espn2 Award Of Excellence
Smokey Crosman, Chandler, AZ, '66 Nova

"Transport Award"-Featherlite Trailers
Jack Martin, Chandler, AZ, '68 Camaro

"Graphics award"-american colorscans, inc.
Frank Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM, '55 Chevy

"Attention To Detail Award" -Soffseal
John & Sylvia Piccola, Las Vegas, NV, '65 Nova

Isca "Award Of Excellence"-Isca
Zane Cox, Tucson, AZ, '57 Chevy

Waterloo Toolbox Winner-Drag Race
Michael Shea, Mesa, AZ, '67 Nova

Waterloo Toolbox Winner-Car Show
John Blair, Tucson, AZ, '66 Impala SS

Ralph Warnstrom, Mesa, AZ, '56

'55-56-57 - Street
Shane Elmore, Phoenix, AZ, '56

Ron Massow, El Paso, TX, '55

Les Davidson, Riverside, CA, '57

Big Car '49-54-Stock
Butch Gabriel, Casa Grande, AZ, '49

Big Car '58-89-Stock
Sharon & Gerry Durnall, Alhambra, CA, '61

Big Car '58-89-Street
Dick Bartosch, Goodyear, AZ, '61

Big Car '58-89-Modified
William A. Sheets, Winslow, AZ, '58

Big Car '90-96-Street
Joe Sanchez, Litchfield, AZ, '96

Big Car '90-96-Modified
Jeremy Hefner, Chandler, AZ, '93

Camaro '67-69-Stock
David Good, Gilbert, AZ, '69

Camaro '67-68-Street
Kelly Post, Chandler, AZ, '67

Camaro '69-Street
Kelly Post, Chandler, AZ, '69

Camaro '67-69-Modified
Jack Martin, Chandler, AZ, 68

Camaro '70-81-Stock
Ray Podsiadlo, Phoenix, AZ, '70

Camaro '70-81-Street
Michael Haskell, Goodyear, AZ, '71

Camaro '70-81-Modified
Paul Wayman, Kansas City, MO, '78

Camaro '82-92-Stock
Adrian Felix, Mesa, AZ, '90

Camaro '82-92-Street
Sean Britzius, Scottsdale, AZ, '92

Camaro '93 & Newer-Stock
Scott Campbell, Gilbert, AZ, '96

Camaro '93 & Newer-Street
Kevin Dewitte, Fountain Hills, AZ, '00

Chevelle '64-67-Stock
Jag Amdahl, Fountain Hills, AZ, '67

Chevelle '64-67-Street
Ron Anderson, Peoria, AZ, '65

Chevelle '64-67-Modified
Tom Gaston, Glendale, AZ, '64

Chevelle '68 & Newer-Stock
Neil Anderson, Nibley, UT, '70

Chevelle '70 Only-Street
Dan Easey, Mesa, AZ, '70

Chevelle '68, 69, 71 & Newer-Street
Roger Yost, Scottsdale, AZ, '69

Chevelle '68 & Newer-Modified
Mark Peters, Glendale, AZ, '70

Adam Powell, Mesa, AZ, '00 Cavalier

Conversion '48 & Earlier-Modified
Derwin Dugger, Sun Lakes, AZ, '39 Ford

Conversion '49 & Newer-Modified
W.K. Smith, Chandler, AZ, '49 Ford

Corvette '53-67-Stock
Randy Myers, Tucson, AZ, '66

Corvette '53-67-Street
Carl McCoy, Mesa, AZ, '63

Corvette '53-67-Modified
Ron Albrecht, Phoenix, AZ, '64

Corvette '68-82-Stock
Don Diguardi, Tucson, AZ, '72

Corvette '68-82-Street
Dave Mitwede, Apache Junction, AZ, '71

Corvette '84 & Newer-Stock
Joe Endres, Glendale, AZ, '94

Corvette '84 & Newer-Street
Jason Pumphrey, Chandler, AZ, '01

Corvette '84 & Newer-Modified
John Corder, Show Low, AZ, '99

Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier-Stock
Robert Munk, Tempe, AZ, '30

Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier-Modified
Glenn Looney, Tucson, AZ, '34

Early Chevrolet '36-48-Stock
Jim Anderson, Phoenix, AZ, '41

Early Chevrolet '36-48-Modified
Bill Towler, Peoria, AZ, '40

El Camino-Street
Brad Doane, Phoenix, AZ, '70

El Camino-Modified
Randy Duke, Phoenix, AZ, '72

Gold '56 Nomad-Stock
Jack Shewmaker, Bentonville, AR, 56

Gold '57 Convertible-Stock
Jack Shewmaker, Bentonville, AR, '57

Gold Camaro '67-69-Stock
Ron & Jean McEnturff, Emory, TX, '69

Gold El Camino-Street
Fred & Belinda Smith, Alta Loma, CA, '71

Gold Nova '68 & Newer- Stock
Nick Czuczko, Upland, CA, '70

Monte Carlo-Street
Chris Baker, Santa Fe, NM, '70

Monte Carlo-Modified
Cuco Urtiaga, Belen, NM, '72

Nova '62-67-Stock
Mark Long, Phoenix, AZ, 66

Nova '62-67-Street
John & Sylvia Piccola, Las Vegas, NV, '65

Nova '62-67-Modified
Christian & Marlene Morrow, Mission Viejo, CA, '66

Nova '68 & Newer-Stock
Craig D. Leibsle, El Paso, TX, '70

Nova '68 & Newer-Street
Jan Francis, Phoenix, AZ, '68

Nova '68 & Newer-Modified
Scott & Michele Barnes, Phoenix, AZ, '74

Joe Secor, Mesa, AZ, '77 Monza

Pro Street-Modified
Earl Randall, Odessa, TX, '69 Camaro

Pro Street Truck-Modified
Doug Amos, Phoenix, AZ, '92

Pro Engineered-Modified
Smokey Crosman, Chandler, AZ, '66 Nova

Street Cruiser
Derron & Susan Sheets, Winslow, AZ, '68 Camaro RS

Street Cruiser
Rod & Debbie Mazer, Mesa, AZ, '56 Bel Air

Truck '49-72-Street
Ron Pehlman, Phoenix, AZ, '72

Truck '49-59-Modified
Elvin Horne, Phoenix, AZ, '55

Truck '60-69-Modified
Kyle Hart, Apache Junction, AZ, '65

Truck '70-72-Modified
Jim Hollamon, Glendale, AZ, '72

Truck '73-87-Modified
Jack Cavanaugh, Glendale, AZ, '80

Truck '88 & Newer-Modified
Jeff Franco, Phoenix, AZ, '94

4x4 Truck-Street
Jeff Wilson, Chandler, AZ, '94

4x4 Truck-Modified
Butch Forbis, Peoria, AZ, '85

Mini Truck-Modified
Justin Weller, Mesa, AZ, '00

Chuck Coulter, Sedona, AZ, '59 Suburban

4x4 Suv-Street
Lyle & Kathy Thurman, Gilbert, AZ, '72

4x4 Suv-Modified
Scott Stoeckel, Prescott, AZ, '73


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