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SEMA 2000 & PRI 2K - Show & Tell

Super Chevy Visits The Two Biggest Performance Trade Shows Of The Year

Mike Petralia Apr 1, 2001
Sucp_0104_03_z Sema_2000_and_pri_2k Sizeable 2/23

Christmas is definitely a very special time of year. It's the time when people who normally wouldn't give the time of day to each other miraculously change into loving, gift-giving fools. It's also very near the same time of year that the giant Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) put on their big trade shows. What's so big about the SEMA and PRI shows you ask? Parts! It's the high-performance holy land where gearheads like us (sorry, neither show is open to the public) wander the aisles recklessly in search of the hottest new power and appearance parts so we can snap pictures and tell you, the reader, what's in store for next year. So take a look at these two giant shows as seen through our camera's eye and perhaps you'll see something that you'll want under next year's tree.

SEMA 2000
Each year between Halloween and Thanksgiving, Las Vegas is literally run over by the racing aftermarket. Hundreds of thousands descend upon sin-city for a week of reveling at the largest automotive aftermarket show in the world. And, once again, we were there with cameras in hand, to bring you some spy shots of things to come in 2001.

Sucp_0104_04_z Sema_2000_and_pri_2k Evo_wheel 3/23

Forged Performance
Weld Racing already has a sizeable share of the performance wheel market covered. Now they're going BIG! The new line of EVO forged one-piece aluminum wheels designed specifically for the larger-than-life, and still growing, SUV and pickup markets is going to be the biggest you've ever seen. Sizes approaching that of wheels from the landing gear on a 747 will be available for your truck. The biggest to come yet will be Weld's 22x9.5-inch beasts, available in February 2001. Folks, it doesn't get any bigger than this. Information: Weld Racing, 1220 Union, Dept. SC, Kansas City, MO 64101, (800) 788-9353,,

PRI 2k
Indianapolis is not someplace we'd normally choose to leave our warm coastal climate for early December. But, that's when the Performance Racing Industry Show rolls into town and we're willing to give up a few days in the warm sun for something this cool. The show took over the downtown Indianapolis Convention Center, which is linked directly to the RCA dome where the Indianapolis Colts usually kick their ball around. But the PRI Show was so huge that the Colts had to give up some floor space as it overflowed the convention hall and several of the larger displays were set up surrounding the 50-yard line.

Sucp_0104_02_z Sema_2000_and_pri_2k Top_seal 4/23

Total Top Rings
Total Seal has moved its gapless ring design a step up. Gapless ring technology was first experimented with in the top ring groove way back in the '60s. Metallurgy then was not what it is today and the gapless ring was moved down to the second groove because the top rings kept breaking. Total Seal now offers its gapless top rings made from the best materials currently used in all top racing engines, including hi-tensile ductile iron, HF479, and tool steel. This new top ring technology doesn't mean there will no longer be gapless second rings. Total Seal still offers its gapless second ring packages as well as standard gapped top and second ring packages, because they know that there's more than one way to seal an engine's bore. Information: Total Seal, 22642 North 15th Ave., Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85027, (800) 874-2753,(602) 678-4977,

Lighten Up
A lighter rotating mass is easier to accelerate, breaks fewer parts, and generally lasts longer. Those are just some of the rules involved with the design of Fluidampr's new aluminum harmonic dampers. The aluminum units are filled with the same viscous damping fluid as Fluidampr's steel products, but weigh considerably less. An added benefit that comes with an aluminum damper is zero rust. Even the toughest steel coatings couldn't keep oxidation away after years of heated abuse, but these puppies will never rust, guaranteed. Currently built only to fit internally balanced small- and big-block Chevys, these dampers would make a great addition to any street or race car, because they are 100 percent SFI approved for racing and will keep you going long after a stock damper would have failed. Information: Vibratech, 11980 Walden Ave., Dept. SC, Alden, NY 14004-9790, (716) 937-3603.

Super Pumps
Heat is the nemesis of all electric fuel pumps. The new BG Enduro pump line is designed specifically for continuous duty, which would typically kill an electric pump. Engineered to feed engines from 500 to 2,000hp, the pumps produce 15 psi and feature a built-in, cleanable stainless steel fuel filter. Their self-priming design means they can be mounted just about anywhere. And three of these precision-machined pumps use no pump shaft or housing seals, ending fuel leakage problems. Information: BG Fuel Systems, 1450 McDonald Rd., Dept. SC, Dahlonega, GA 30533, (706) 864-7009,

All In A Row
This new design in fuel pressure metering also comes from BG Fuel Systems. It utilizes a single fuel log to distribute the fuel to multiple pressure regulators. This allows locating all your regulators in one place and makes managing your fuel system easy. It is ideal for use with multiple carbs, or single carbs and nitrous, or multiple nitrous systems, or any combination of these. Provisions are included for mounting fuel pressure gauges on each individual regulator. Information: BG Fuel Systems, 1450 McDonald Rd., Dept. SC, Dahlonega, GA 30533, (706) 864-7009,

Own Your Own
Holley Gear Head
Holley Performance Products is so hot to be on top of the high-performance heap that its offering its own employees for use in your shop. Here you can see the heavy-duty model MH2000 displayed after a hard days work tuning carburetors and building engines in front of thousands of SEMA show attendees. The qualifications and options included with each particular Holley Technician may vary depending on the model you choose. But don't worry, Holley offers a complete performance guarantee. If your Holley Personal Technician ever fails to please you in any way or ever asks for money or food while in your employment, simply ship it to the Bahamas where it will automatically be recycled as shark bait. Simply forward a copy of your freight invoice to Holley Performance Products for a prompt refund. Information: Holley Performance Products, 2001 Thisisajoke Blvd., Dept. SC, Noyoucantreallygetone, KY 90000.

Stock Stoppers
Raybestos hits the road burning with its new line of cool performance replacement brake rotors. Offering the rotors cross-drilled, slotted, and plated to resist corrosion, Raybestos engineered them to be direct bolt-ons for all GM musclecars. Information: Raybestos Brakes, 4400 Prime Parkway, Dept. SC, McHenry, IL 60050, (815) 363-9000,

Billet Blocks
JET Performance Products has come full circle. Currently better known for EFI computer upgrades and killer automatic-overdrive transmissions, the company began modifying Holley and Q-jet carbs way back in the '60s. JET hasn't lost its roots and continues to hone its carburetor tweaking skills while designing its own line of Holley carb parts. These Billet Powr (correct spelling) Blocks from JET eliminate the common problems associated with factory cast blocks. The CNC machined billet aluminum blocks were designed with +/-0.001-inch tolerances. Replacement blocks are available to fit most Holley performance carburetors. Information: JET Performance Products, 17491 Apex Circle, Dept. SC, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, (714) 848-5515,

Dart Iron Blocks
After years of producing the best, and for a while the only, cast-iron replacement performance cylinder heads, Dart Manufacturing has crossed over into the iron block market. Dart's iron big- and small-block Chevys are available in several configurations designed for both street and racing. The big-block shown here is the four-bolt billet steel main cap version. This block can be punched out from 4.250 to 4.500-inches and will accept up to a 4.75-inch stroke. Available in either a standard 9.8-inch or tall 10.2-inch deck height, Dart recommends a maximum 632-cid displacement for its new big-blocks. This race-prepped block also has been milled in non-critical areas to save weight. Additionally, all Dart blocks feature a mechanical fuel pump boss for street use. Information: Dart Machinery, 353 Oliver St., Dept. SC, Troy, MI 48084, (248) 362-1188.

Long looked towards as the standard in racing manual/clutch transmissions, Lenco has moved into the automatic market-sort of. The new Lencodrive racing automatic combines the best of all of Lenco's proven racing components into a 2-, 3-, or, 4-speed automatic transmission that uses a standard torque converter. This new Lenco can be shifted manually, by air, or even electronically. It can also handle 2,500hp without a second thought. There is a wide array of gear ratios available for it, and it's actually pretty lightweight when compared to factory automatics. Information: Lenco Racing Transmissions, 6470 Federal Blvd., Dept. SC, Lemon Groove, CA 91945, (800) 854-2944.

Wilson Pro Flow
Until now, Wilson Manifolds was most widely known for fabricating some serious race-winning sheetmetal intake manifolds. Wilson has taken the next step in perfecting its induction components with the advent of its new Pro-Flow nitrous systems. Wilson's nitrous systems take a new approach on both the tried and true nitrous plate and fogger system designs. The Wilson plate systems were engineered to cure the "corner lean out" condition so common with plate nitrous systems. The solution is what Wilson has dubbed "Fan Spray Tube Technology" and eliminates the problem once and for all, according to Wilson's nitrous engineers. One other distinctly unique and beneficial feature of the Pro-Flow nitrous plate is its patented burst panels. These replaceable panels are your engine's safety valve and will blow out if a violent backfire occurs, saving your expensive carburetor and intake manifold from destruction. Information: Wilson Manifolds, 4700 N.E. 11th Ave., Dept. SC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334, (954) 771-6216.

Trick Carb Hardware
PRP has worked with top NHRA Pro Stock competitors to engineer a four-hole Dominator carb spacer incorporating a 7-degree taper and Shear Plate design. The bore taper is designed to build low pressure under the throttle plates and increase the signal to the venturi booster while the machined ring around the circumference of each bore is designed to prevent "reversion," a phenomena where the intake charge reverses direction and tries to head back up the intake tract. This problem is common in race engines built with long-duration, high-overlap camshafts. Information: Philadelphia Racing Products, 268 Geiger Rd., Dept. SC, Philadelphia, PA 19115, (215) 969-3550.

Granatelli Maf
Cold air in large quantities makes for lots of horsepower. Granatelli Motorsports (GMS) wants to do all it can to help your late-model engine ingest more of that great cold air. GMS offers two new cold air intake kits and these calibrated Mass Airflow Sensors to go along with them. The MAF on the left converts a '97-00 LS1 Corvette to Z06 specs with the addition of the GMS cold air kit. Power was boosted by 26hp and 23 ft-lbs of torque with these simple emissions-legal add-ons. The MAF on the right is for '96-00 trucks. There are actually two different units for the trucks, one for the '96-00 Vortec 5.0 and 5.7L V-8s and one for the new 4.7, 5.3, and 6.0L '99-00 pickups. Power gains were notable after installing these simple components and combining them with GMS's cold air intake kit. Information: Granatelli Motor Sports, 18551 Topham St., Suite H, Dept. SC, Reseda, CA 91335, (818) 996-2753.

Secure Your CableWe found some really trick carb products at the Philadelphia Racing Products (PRP) booth, both of which are a new approach to an old idea. PRP's Multi-adjustable Billet Aluminum throttle bracket makes connecting your GM, Lokar, or Morse cable to any Holley 4150 or 4500 Dominator easy. The bracket includes a secure cable mount on the back and a dual throttle return spring set-up in front. The cable bracket is adjustable to work with different length cables, and the return spring bracket is adjustable to increase or decrease spring tension. Information: Philadelphia Racing Products, 268 Geiger Rd., Dept. SC, Philadelphia, PA 19115, (215) 969-3550.

Sucp_0104_20_z Sema_2000_and_pri_2k Holley_carburetors 17/23

Holley Builds A Better Carb
Changing its proven carburetor design to meet today's demanding enthusiast was no easy task. Holley engineers consulted with well-known engine authority and Winston Cup engine builder, Keith Dorton, to get his input on what the Holley carb should be. Keith took the bull by the horns and spent hundreds of hours on the dyno testing, and recalibrating this new line of Holley fuel meters until he got them perfect. Several improvements were incorporated into the carb, including a new powervalve design with million-mile blow-out protection, easy, no-trouble float level adjustment, advanced fuel metering calibrations, a no-trouble adjustable electric choke, and four vacuum ports, just to name a few. The new carbs will be offered in 570-, 670-, and 770-cfm vacuum secondary models. Information: Holley Performance Products, 1801 Russelville Rd., Dept. SC, Bowling Green, KY 42102, (270) 781-9741,

Straight From The Crate
Now that they make some of the best cylinder heads and engine blocks in the market, the next logical evolutionary step was to offer a complete crate engine. Dart, in association with Liberty Engines of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has developed a pump gas crate engine package using Dart's "Little M" iron block and Pro 1 aluminum cylinder heads. The rest of the build-up consists of hard-core performance items such as a forged 4130 Scat crank, Eagle rods, SRP forged pistons, Comp Cams valvetrain, Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake, and a Holley carb. Information: Dart Machinery, 353 Oliver St., Dept. SC, Troy, MI 48084, (248) 362-1188.

Bolt On Big-Block Shaft Rockers
Those who build big-block Chevys know that bolting on a set of shaft rockers can be a chore. Until now, custom machine work was always required to run shaft rockers. Jesel has cured this issue with its true bolt-on kit. These extruded aluminum rockers incorporate a specially designed interlocking pedestal mount that eliminates movement between rocker arms. Jesel says that its new shaft rockers are just as durable and reliable as its race rocker sets, only now anyone can install them in the time it takes to swap standard rocker arms. Information: Jesel Valvetrain Innovation, 1985 Cedarbridge Ave., Dept. SC, Lakewood, NJ 08701, (732) 901-1800,

Shafts For The SB2.2
Chevrolet's best flowing cylinder head is in high demand. The highest-level racers and engine builders know that there's power to be made in these heads. T&D Machine Products supplies those racers and builders with the parts they need to extract every ounce of power. Already used in NASCAR and NHRA Pro Stock Truck, T&D's new shaft rocker assemblies for the SB2.2 are now available in offset and standard location versions. Information: T&D Machine Products, 4859 Convair Dr., Carson City, NV 89706, (775) 884-2292.

Single Piston Stopper
Wilwood also knows that there is a huge demand for performance brake upgrades designed to be an easy bolt-on for stock musclecars. The single-piston GMIII caliper from Wilwood is the answer. Its triple-bridge design provides for tremendous clamping strength with a substantial weight savings over stock calipers. Shown here mounted on a stock GM spindle, and with a new slotted Raybestos rotor, the GMIII caliper will improve your braking and lighten your load, but not your wallet. Information: Wilwood Brakes, 4700 Calle Bolero, Dept. SC, Camarillo, CA 93012, (805) 388-1188,

Outside Influence
The thorn in the side of all racers and carb builders who deal with Holley's popular 4500 series Dominator carbs is its completely enclosed throttle. It seemed like a good idea at the time when Holley thought of it-put the linkage inside the carb where it won't get dirty or hang up on anything and stick wide open. The only problem is that the linkage has several small moving parts and when they come loose there's only one place for them to go; into the engine. Bo Laws Performance Products (BLP) has been coming up with trick new ways to build Holley carbs for years and has designed an adjustable, external Dominator linkage to solve this problem. Being outside the carb offers several advantages.

First, loose pieces won't be cycled through the engine as if it were just a giant Cuisanart. Second, BLP's new linkage is adjustable, allowing the tuner to go from a 1-1 throttle opening to a progressive, and soft-progressive actuation, depending on how the engine likes it. This added tuning ability alone is worth the price of the kit. BLP offers the linkage separately or can include it on one of its custom built carbs. Information: Bo Laws Products, 1015 W. Church St., Dept. SC, Orlando, FL 32805, (407) 422-0394,

Formed Collector
Aftermarket exhaust technology is advancing faster than ever, and companies like Custom Performance Products (CPP) are at the forefront of creating power enhancing pipes. After spending most of their time developing exhaust systems for NASCAR, CPP is now venturing into the drag race and street markets. This stainless steel collector features a formed spear where the four primary pipes come together. This reduces turbulence in the collector and its hourglass shape increases flow and horsepower potential. CPP offers this 4-into-1 collector, and a 4-into-2-into-1 "Tri-Y" design collector for different applications. Information: Custom Performance Products, 1116 gateway Dr., Dept. SC, Mooresville, NC 28115, (704) 662-8280.



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