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Rockingham Super Chevy Show - First In Flight And Super In Chevys

North Carolina Shows Its Heritage At The Rockingham Super Chevy ExtravaGAnza

Tony Kelly Apr 1, 2001
Sucp_0104_01_z Rockingham_super_chevy_show 55_chevy_racer 2/28

Rick Varner and crew brought their 007 '55 two-door to race and were selected as a SUPER CHEVY Magazine Editor's Choice for a Top Ten Drag Car award. The Varner's seem to like that paint scheme for all their cars.

If there is a state that has more of a history of speed and adventure than North Carolina, it's a well-kept secret. From Kitty Hawk, where man first learned to fly, to the high banks of Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Petty family, you don't have to look far to find a culture of machines that stir the soul. That definitely holds true for the Super Chevy Show at Rockingham, where there were some of the most beautiful and colorful Chevys in the land.

Not only was the car show a stunner, some of the times in the drag races were enough to make racers everywhere take notice. Dave Greytak from Centerville, Maryland, won the honors in Nitro Coupe by posting a 6.356 at 216.62 mph. As we've said before, the 5-second barrier is in danger of falling either at Las Vegas or certainly next season.

Speaking of drag racers, Bill Kuhlman who was injured in a crash at Richmond, Virginia, the previous week, is improving rapidly and is even rumored to be planning on driving a round or two at the Inaugural Las Vegas event. Well done, Bill, and keep up the good work.

Sucp_0104_02_z Rockingham_super_chevy_show Raising_the_temperature 3/28

This blast will raise the starting line temperature several degrees, after which these Jet Funny Cars will make a 300-mph pass.

Maybe it's the weather, or the time of year, but the Chevys in the show appeared to be the brightest and most colorful we have seen in some time. We couldn't help but show a few of our favorite red cars, but before we get everyone all excited about painting their machines, please notice our attention to the blue Chevys, too. After all, what's more Chevy than the color blue?

We're always happy to see the Junior Dragsters and we're grateful to the Autostar folks for assuring that Super Chevy Shows encourage the young racers by having that class and giving attention to the next generation of drag race drivers. Congratulations to our Junior Dragster winner David Dean, of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and runner-up Lauren Freer, Lewisville, North Carolina. We'll look for you in the big cars one of these days.

Sucp_0104_03_z Rockingham_super_chevy_show Nascar_legend 4/28

Our season is winding down but the best just might be in front of us. There are two more events this year-GAinesville, Florida, and then the recently added Las Vegas. Of course, Gainesville is always a fun get-together and what do we need to say about Las Vegas? Next year there are a total of 21 Super Chevy Shows so you should try to be at one of them, at least. Say hello to your SUPER CHEVY journalist while you're there; we love to talk to Chevy people.

We guess there are some good racing stories being told here. NASCAR-legend Junior Johnson (left) and Autostar's Roger Gustin (center), former Jet Dragster pilot, both have seen their share of speed. Johnson signed autographs for the Super Chevy Show fans.



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