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Columbus Super Chevy Show - Oh, What Fun It Was

The Columbus Event Was A Thriller With Nitro Coupe Star Bill Kuhlmann Breaking The 5-Second Barrier!

Mar 1, 2001
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First and Second Gens on the left, Third and Fourth Gens on the right. The Camaro faithful went head-to-head in the car show competition, but all came out ultimately victorious for owning what's arguably the best musclecar in history.

Even though the 2000 Super Chevy Show series is quickly winding down, you'd never have known it judging from the excitement generated at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio. Under blue skies filled with cotton-ball clouds, racers, fans, and car-show enthusiasts poured into the rolling green lowlands surrounding the quarter-mile dragstrip for a weekend of fun and record-breaking performances.

Drag racing action was fast and furious in Columbus as fans witnessed the first 5-second run in Nitro Coupe history when Bill Kuhlmann throttled his Summit Racing-backed Corvette to a 5.99 pass on Saturday afternoon. Several of the notorious Chicago Outlaw Super Stock racers hauled their all-steel, nitrous-inhaling, Bow-Tie behemoths the 9-hour trek to Ohio to put on one heck of an 8-second, wheelstanding, heads-up drag racing showdown. And for the fans who wanted to watch some racing that they could relate to, they witnessed Eric Burns from Hamilton, Ohio, fend off all less-worthy competitors to capture the Bracket 2 championship in his 11-second, '71 Camaro.

The faster Bracket 1 class was won by Tad Ries out of Canal Fulton, Ohio, turning a blisteringly fast 8.12 at 166 mph, while leaving his competition to cross the finish line more than one second behind him. DOT tire drag racing's popularity is on the rise and Michael Cochran of Utica, Ohio, rolled his '95 GMC truck to a 16.56-second victory, beating out some of the much faster competitors with his truck's dead-nuts consistency.

Sucp_0103_03_z Columbus_super_chevy_show Modern_chevys 3/30

Of course, the show field was packed with superb entries like the triple-crown winner for Best Workmanship, Best Modified '57, and recipient of the Meguiar's Medallion Award for Outstanding Body Appearance-the slammed and smoothed '57 Chevy belonging to home-towners Skully and Shelly Webb from Columbus. Although it may appear so, Skully and Shelly weren't the only winners over the weekend, and Columbus certainly had its fare share of fine Detroit iron to show off. All told, with its beautiful weather, fine facilities, and great fans, the Y2K Columbus extravaganza was definitely a hit.

Carnival Of Carnage
Every weekend drag race suffers its losses. At one time or another we're all somehow affected by an accident at the track. Luckily for everyone involved in these Columbus mishaps, there were no major injuries, and all cars (except for one obvious Nitro Coupe) were fixable and returned to racing later that weekend.



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