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Norwalk Super Chevy Show - Special Affair

The Owners Of Norwalk Raceway Help Make This Super Chevy Event One

Shane Reichardt Jan 1, 2001
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As race facilities go, Norwalk Raceway Park, in Norwalk, Ohio, is one of the best. As race track owners go, Bill Bader and family are second to none. One reason that the great state of Ohio is home to two Super Chevy Shows (there's a second event in Columbus at National Trail Raceway during the weekend of September 15-17) is because the state is centrally located, and has a tendency to draw fans and participants from many surrounding areas. But perhaps the real reason Ohio has two stops is that the enthusiasts love to come to a clean and well-organized event-which is exactly what they get when they roll into the gates at Norwalk (and Columbus, too).

Having an attentive staff makes the difference as well, especially when the weather is less than perfect. That was the case for this year's event at Norwalk. In contrast to past years, the 2000 stop wasn't the warm and sunny weekend most would expect in this part of the state during the midst of summer.But that didn't stop the Gold Class from drawing more than a handful of great looking cars, however. It also didn't stop people from enjoying the rows and rows of street machines, restored classics, trucks, and race cars in every style and everycolor.

One of the many high points to the weekend was the fact that the racing program was able to get in a complete and jam-packed schedule of racing. The pit area was filled with more competitors than we've seen in a long time-all vying for one of the biggest purses in drag racing. Of course, winning isn't everything. People do come for the fun and excitement of testing their machine's limits on the strip, too. And to enjoy the best Bow-Ties in this part of the country. And that they did!

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