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Waco Mini Nationals Car Show - Changes In The Wind

A New Venue For The 25th Anniversary Edition Of The Waco Mini Nationals

Bob McClurg Dec 1, 2000
Sucp_0012_03_z Waco_mini_nationals_car_show Impala 2/15

The 25th Anniversary of the Waco Mini Nationals, held every Memorial Day Weekend, offered up one rather large surprise for regular Waco Mini Nats participants when they were informed that, after 24 years, the Mini Nats would be moving from its so-called "permanent" home, the Fort Fisher Park/Texas Ranger Museum Hall of Fame complex, to nearby Cameron Park.

Why now, when the 25th Anniversary Waco Mini Nats event was right around the corner? Quite frankly, event promoters Bobby and Dale Ramey were given no choice. It seems that the city of Waco had plans to plow under the Fort Fisher Park campgrounds and incorporate it into its new Waco Sports Complex currently under construction. And in spite of the fact that the Fort Fisher Park facility sat untouched and vacant that Memorial Day weekend, the street machiners were forced to go elsewhere.

Sucp_0012_01_z Waco_mini_nationals_car_show Engine 3/15

Looking at the proverbial "glass" as being half full, Waco Mini Nats promoters started taking stock of their new "home." While the Cameron Park facility (which is also home to the drag boat races) is somewhat more primitive in nature than Fort Fisher, with less camping hookups and permanent restroom facilities, it does offer approximately three times the space, plenty of room for trailer parking, and, most importantly, an ample amount of shade trees.

Now let's talk about the cars. This year a total of 391 of the finest street machines, restorations, custom street trucks, and street rods motored into Waco to celebrate the 25th Waco Mini Nats.

With the state of Texas primarily being "Chevrolet Country," it comes as no surprise that Bow-Ties made up over 70 percent of the "gate" at the 25th Anniversary Mini Nats, and figured quite heavilly in both the Top 20 Car and Top 20 Truck categories. In fact, Chevrolet captured an even 13 wins in both segments!

And when it came to the special awards, things were no different. Here are some of those 25th Anniversary Waco Mini Nats winners.



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