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Indy Super Chevy Show - Indy Spectacular

Great Weather Graced The Granddaddy Of Them All!

Mike Petralia Dec 1, 2000
Sucp_0012_01_z Indy_super_chevy_show Pro_class_camaro 2/42

On-track bracket action is a big part of the Super Chevy shows. This third-gen F-body ran 11s all day in the Pro class.

There probably isn't another city in the world better known for auto racing than Indianapolis. It's no surprise, then, that when the Y2K Super Chevy Show descended upon Indianapolis Raceway Park in mid-July that the turnout of spectacular cars and great people was gigantic.

Mother Nature helped all she could by keeping the skies blue and laced with cotton ball clouds that occasionally blocked the sun, providing a respite of cool comfort across the grassy Indiana fairgrounds.

The Indy Super Chevy Show is unquestionably the largest one of its kind, and this year proved no different as the Bow-Tie faithful came from far and wide to show, race, and admire the cars. Most fans come here to make new friends and satisfy their appetites for fast machines and fast food, and the Indy show sure was a crowd pleaser.

Sucp_0012_04_z Indy_super_chevy_show Show_winners 3/42

Displayed for your approval, the show winners were happy to gather for a group photo late on Sunday.

Besides drag racing and a giant car show and swap meet corral, there was tons of eye-candy at Indy. Chevrolet's Special Vehicles Division sent along several of the Chevy Race Shop's toys, including a bright yellow, 4th-gen, LS1-powered Camaro that runs 9.50s at 150 mph on its 402-cid small-block! Also sent to play was the Chevy Race Shop's ZL1 Camaro. This black '94 F-body is the epitome of overkill with it's 572-cid aluminum Donovan Rat, four-link rear suspension, and killer brakes that help haul it down to a screeching halt from over 160 mph. Of course, race cars were not all GM sent to ogle. The Vortec trailer had several next-generation engines on display, including a new 8-liter Rat motor.

Whether you came to admire or race, Indy is the place to be if you belong to the Bow-Tie fraternity. Perhaps next year's Indy show will again surpass the previous years. Can this show get any bigger? You bet. If you missed this year, try it out next year and you'll see.



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