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2000 Pomona Super Chevy Show - Exceeding Expectations

Pomona's Super Chevy Show Kicks Off The '00 Season In Grand Fashion

Damon Lee Aug 1, 2000
Sucp_0008_01_z Pomona_super_chevy_show Side_view 2/30

Any event promoter will tell you that producing a car show in Southern California can be a risky undertaking. That's because on any given weekend there are dozens of events and attractions vying for the attention (and pocketbooks) of the locals. Add to that the proximity of the beach and the consistently warm weather, and you can see that there are plenty of other outdoor distractions enticing the folks who live here.

On the other hand, there are a lot of hot rods (and hot rodders) in the region, so tempting them with a combination car show and drag race is a good start to attracting a crowd. That's exactly what Autostar Productions began doing in 1995 when it brought the Super Chevy Show tour to Pomona, California. The event immediately exceeded everyone's expectations by becoming one of the largest shows on the series calendar, and it has continued to be a premier event ever since.

Sucp_0008_02_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 3/30

Daniel and Kelly Toman's super clean '66 El Camino was one of about three dozen Elkys on hand at Pomona. It was one of 10 Editor's Choice award winners.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that this year's show, which kicked off the SCS season on March 16-19, carried on that tradition by drawing a record number of show car and drag racing entries. We've all come to expect great things from the Pomona event, but this year's car count-1,242 vehicles (633 race cars and 609 show Chevys)-was well beyond the turnout we had anticipated. Looking out across the sea of show car entries was enough to get any Bow-Tie fan's blood pumping, as there were Chevys of all shapes and sizes on display. Of course there were scores of the always-plentiful Camaros, Novas, Tri-fives, and Chevelles, but we were pleasantly surprised to count nearly 40 Corvettes, almost as many El Caminos, plus a very strong showing of Vegas (thanks in part to members of the Cosworth Vega Owners Association). As for trends, we saw a bunch of 18- and 20-inch wheels, air spring suspensions, and way-cool custom station wagons.

Sucp_0008_03_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 4/30

Bill Kuhlmann kicked off the 2000 season in fine fashion, qualifying first in the Nitro Coupe field and going on to win on Sunday afternoon. Here we see his Summit-sponsored Corvette facing off against Mel Eaves' Mega Power 'Vette in round two.

While trick suspensions and custom paint ruled the show car arena, pure Chevy muscle was the key to victory on Pomona's "Parker Avenue" dragstrip. Beyond the usual lineup of Pro, Super Pro, and DOT bracket classes, Super Chevy Pomona included head's-up competition from the Fastest Street Car Association and Denny Savage's Outlaw 11-inch Street Tire class. In addition to that, the new 2000 Street class let the four- and six-cylinder, front-drive, late-model GM machines come out and play. And we can't forget the SCS exclusive Nitro Coupe class, where we were pleased to find a couple of fresh faces-John Reynolds and James Nordhougen-stepping up to compete this season. The other big Nitro Coupe news came from the NuCar team (home of Dave Greytak and "Grand Pops' Toy"), which is campaigning a second car this year with NuCar crewchief (and veteran racer) Jeff Brozovich at the wheel. It looks like a smart move, since Brozovich drove his '38 Chevy coupe straight to the finals, where he matched up against (but lost to) Bill Kuhlmann's Summit-sponsored Corvette.

With so many cool Chevys on hand at Pomona, we'd hate to waste any more space carrying on about the turnout. Instead, we'll show you some of the highlights in photographic form. Wanna know who the winners were? The stats page (which you'll notice has returned this year) lists all the bragging rights in living color. Talk about exceeding expectations!

Sucp_0008_07_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 8/30

Slammed, shaved, two-toned, and tricked out, this '70 Chevelle had the right look to capture the attention of our cameras.

Drag Race Results
Super Pro
Winner: Bill Mizia, Glendora, Ca, '73 Dragster; 8.862 @ 156.08mph
Runner-Up: Larry Scarth, Manhattan Beach, Ca, '34 Roadster; 11.573 @ 126.31mph

Winner: Chuck Killian Jr., Montclair, Ca, '69 Camaro; 13.311 @ 90.88mph
Runner-Up: Bill Batey, Moreno Valley, Ca, '73 Camaro; 12.810 @ 103.28mph

DOT Street Tire
Winner: Frank Halley, Placentia, Ca, '95 Impala; 15.102 @ 92.20mph
Runner-Up: Jerry Titus, Desert Hot Springs, Ca, '66 Biscayne; Broke

Sucp_0008_08_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 9/30

Get down! Air spring suspensions were out in full force at Pomona, allowing cars like Mark Avery's black '64 Impala convertible to tuck up those large-diameter wheels and sit right next to the pavement.

Nitro Coupes
Winner: Bill Kuhlmann, Wentzville, Mo, '69 Corvette; 6.441 @ 219.19mph
Runner-Up: Jeff Brozovich, Tracy, Ia, '38 Chevy Coupe, 12.321 @87.30mph

2000 Street
Winner: Tim Rigby, Tehachapi, Ca, '99 Monte Carlo; 15.843 @ 86.93mph
Runner-Up: Scott Joines, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, '93 Saturn; 16.831 @ 81.48mph

Junior Dragsters
Winner: Alex Palmer, Bakersfield, Ca; 9.199 @ 69.74mph
Runner-Up: C.J. Curtsinger, Temecula, Ca; 9.298 @ 71.51mph

Fastest Street Car Association
Winner: Ed Thornton, Chino, Ca, '69 Camaro; 7.660 @ 177.54mph
Runner-Up: Rudy Resch, Gardena, Ca, '65 Corvette; 7.664 @ 174.68mph

Sucp_0008_09_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 10/30

Did we mention there were a bunch of Vegas at the show? Most of 'em were Cosworth versions, too.

Outlaw 11-Inch Tire
Winner: Denny Savage, Canyon Lake, Ca, '66 Nova; 9.552 @ 142.31mph
Runner-Up: Jon Finley, Phoenix, Az, '67 Chevelle; 9.128 @ 152.28mph

Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Cars
Paul Althouse, Covina, CA, '68 Camaro
Jim Baughan, Sparks, NV, '37 Chevy Coupe
Barry Dooley, Lakewood, CA, '64 Nova SS
Herb Eastland, Glendora, CA, '55 Bel Air
Jacklyn Henderson, San Dimas, CA, '69 Camaro
Kevin Kirby, Thousand Oaks, CA, '75 Dragster
Tom Masek, Marina Del Rey, CA, '70 Camaro
Bill Ohmer, Bishop, CA, '67 Nova
Dhrail Orange, Los Angeles, CA, '65 Malibu
Peanut Scruggs, Los Angeles, CA, '68 Camaro

Sucp_0008_18_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 11/30

Car Show Results
Editor's Choice Top Ten Show CarsJeff & Cheri Agalsoff, Canyon Country, Ca, '63 Corvette
Gary Baston, Alta Loma, Ca, '68 Camaro RS/SS
Jon Bateman, Bakersfield, Ca, '64 Bel Air
Ken Korkosz, Chino Hills, Ca, '39 Chevy
William Mieczkowski, Azusa, Ca, '92 Camaro
Christian & Marlene Morrow, Mission Viejo, Ca, '66 Nova
Wayne Mullen, Hesperia, Ca, '58 Impala
Dennis Smith, Murrieta, Ca, '65 Chevelle Wagon
Jim Stottman, Ventura, Ca, '55 Chevy Wagon
Daniel & Kelly Toman, Canyon Lake, Ca, '66 El Camino

Sucp_0008_21_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 15/30

Saturday Specialty Awards
Best Interior: Phil Buhrlage, Orange, Ca, '68 Camaro
Best Paint: Chuck Immormino, Victorville, Ca, '71 Nova
Best Engine: Jim Ward, Seaside, Ca, '62 Impala
Best Detail: Doug Barnett, La Habra, Ca, '57 Panel
Best Workmanship: Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, Ca, '55 Chevy
Best Achievement Stock: David Lindsley, Lakeside, Ca, '69 Camaro
Best Achievement Street: Louie & Julie Check, San Bernardino, Ca, '70 Chevelle
Best Achievement Modified: Rich Stapleton, Missoula, Mt, '34 Chevy
ESPN2 Award Of Excellence: Jim & Jackie Gonia, Mckenna, Wa, '55 Chevy

Sucp_0008_11_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 16/30

We really liked the looks of "Jimmy T. Jr.'s" '79 Malibu wagon-turned-sedan delivery. The modifications are too numerous to list, but include shaved emblems and handles, cool flames, a tucked front bumper, a rear roll pan, and a billet grille.

Sunday Specialty Awards
Autostar Best Of Gold
Chuck & Barbara Hawkins, Hollister, Ca, '57 Chevy
Ralph White Best Big Car
Jim Ward, Seaside, Ca, '62 Impala
Classic Industries Best Camaro
Michael Coo, Valencia, Ca, '68 Camaro
Original Parts Group Best Chevelle
Mike Hogden, Mission Viejo, Ca, '70 Chevelle
Vette Magazine Best Corvette
Bill & Karen Verboon, Hanford, Ca, '62 Corvette
Autostar Best El Camino
Fred & Belinda Smith, Alta Loma, Ca, '71 El Camino
Danchuk Manufacturing Best 1955-57
Gary & Lori Martin, Chino, Ca, '57 Nomad
Autostar Best Nova
Christian & Marlene Morrow, Mission Viejo, Ca, '66 Nova
Autostar Best Monte Carlo
Sandee Thomas, Hawthorne, Ca, '71 Monte Carlo
Meguiar's Medallion Outstanding Body Appearance
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, Ca, '55 Chevy
Autostar Best Conversion
Bud Ellefson, Fontana, Ca, '27 Ford
Masters Entertainment Best Open Class
Chris Wheaton, Fullerton, Ca, '75 Vega
Meguiar's Best Pro Street/Engineered
Jerry Coleman, Redlands, Ca, '64 Nova
Autostar Best Truck
Doug Barnett, La Habra, Ca, '57 Panel
Autostar Best Comtemporary
Kevin Lindsay, Garden Grove, Ca, '00 Venture
Autostar Best Detail Gold Class
Woody Mccormick, Cherry Valley, Ca, '32 Ford
Autostar Best Paint Gold Class
Nick Czuczko, Upland, Ca, '70 Nova
Autostar Best Early Chevrolet
Ken Korkosz, Chino Hills, Ca, '39 Chevy
Gr8ride.Com Great Ride Award
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, Ca, '56 Nomad
Club Participation
Socal SS

Sucp_0008_12_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 17/30

Speaking of way-cool wagons, Dennis Smith's '65 Chevelle two-door is another standout. This one features a fuel-injected big-block, great-looking paint, and a super-clean custom interior.

Class Winners
Big Car '49-54 Stock
Ted Taylor, Chino Hills, Ca, '51
Big Car '49-54 Street
Ken Kirkendall, Apple Valley, Ca, '51
Big Car '49-54 Modified
Don Hickey Fullerton, Ca, '50
Big Car '58-89 Stock
John Yarnall, Rolling Hills Estates, Ca, '62
Big Car '58-89 Street
Daniel Serimian, Selma, Ca, '65
Big Car '58-60 Modified
Wayen Mullen, Hesperia, Ca, '58
Big Car '61-89 Modified
Jim Ward, Seaside, Ca, '62
Big Car '90-96 Stock
Jim Lucia, Tigard, Or, '96
Big Car '90-95 Street
David Vianu, Etiwanda, Ca, '95
Big Car '96 Street
Kevin Simpson, Lakewood, Ca, '96
Big Car '90-96 Modified
Lionel Eden, Redondo Beach, Ca, '96

Sucp_0008_13_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 18/30

Jeff and Cheri Agalsoff live in Canyon Country, California, and something tells us that they have a blast driving their '63 Corvette in the hills near their home.

Camaro '67-69 Stock
Bob Frusher, Riverside, Ca, '68
Camaro '67 Street
Richard Gard, La Mirada, Ca, '67
Camaro '68 Street
Dale Hicks, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, '68
Camaro '69 Street
Dennis Dempsey, Upland, Ca, '69
Camaro '67-69 Modified
Michael Coo, Valencia, Ca, '68
Camaro'70-81 Stock
Richard Niewiroski, Pasadena, Ca, '70
Camaro '70-81 Street
Larry Machado, Chino, Ca, '70
Camaro '70-81 Modified
Chris Kueneman, Fontana, Ca, '71
Camaro '82-92 Street
Frank & Mary Faria, Milpitas, Ca, '85
Camaro '82-92 Modified
William Mieczkoloski, Azusa, Ca, '92
Camaro '93 & Newer Stock
Richie Niewiroski, Pasadena, Ca, '98
Camaro '93 & Newer Street
Nick Stanley, Perris, Ca, '97
Camaro '93 & Newer Modified
Steve Reavis, Victorville, Ca, '94

Sucp_0008_14_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 19/30

Sunday's award recipients were sure a happy bunch after picking up their trophies.

Chevelle '64-67 Stock
Omar Garcia, San Diego, Ca, '67
Chevelle '64-65 Street
Craig Lilley, Santee, Ca, '65
Chevelle '66-67 Street
Ed Cortner, W. Covina, Ca, '66
Chevelle '65 Modified
Joe Maisano, Westminster, Ca, '65
Chevelle '65 Modified
Greg Baffert, Long Beach, Ca, '65
Chevelle '64, '66-67 Modified
Curtis Swartz, Fremont, Ca, '66
Chevelle '68 & Newer Stock
Burke Chaplin, Temple City, Ca, '70
Chevelle '69 Street
Jim Hastings, Moreno Valley, Ca, '69
Chevelle '70 Street
Mike Hayden, Mission Viejo, Ca, '70
Chevelle '71 & Newer Street
Joe Perez, Anaheim, Ca, '71
Chevelle '68 & Newer Modified
Frank Escobedo, Lakeside, Ca, '69

Contemporary Stock
Kevin Lindsay, Garden Grove, Ca, '00 Venture

Sucp_0008_15_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 20/30

With little import cars attracting so many new car enthusiasts these days, it's good to see a few young guys like Spencer Smith concentrating their efforts on real Chevy muscle like this '92 Camaro.

Conversion '48 & Earlier Modified
Bud Ellefson, Fontana, Ca, '27 Ford
Conversion'49 & Newer Stock
Michael Kraemer, Houma, La, '98 Pontiac
Conversion '49 & Newer Modified
Bob Eyler, Lemon Grove, Ca, '62 Revolution

Corvette '53-67 Stock
Rich Caton, Irvine, Ca, '67
Corvette '53-67 Street
Steven Clifton, Huntington Beach, Ca, '58
Corvette '53-67 Modified
Bill & Karen Verboon, Hanford, Ca, '62
Corvette '68-82 Stock
Marvin Gray, Bentonville, Ar, '68
Corvette '68-82 Street
Don Cicconi, Alta Loma, Ca, '69
Corvette '68-82 Modified
Augustin De La O, La Verne, Ca, '77
Corvette 1984 & Newer Stock
Richard Steed, Walnut, Ca, '99
Corvette 1984 & Newer Street
Jodie Paul, Anaheim, Ca, '87
Corvette 1984 & Newer Modified
Rudy Cortino, Lake Forest, Ca, '96

Sucp_0008_16_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 21/30

Darryl and Peggy Nance's '55 Chevy has one of those paint jobs you have to see in person to truly appreciate. The judges did, and bestowed the car with the Meguiar's Outstanding Body Appearance award, as well as several other trophies.

Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier Modified
Larry Frye, Glendale, Ca, '34
Early Chevrolet '36-48 Stock
Rod Young, Upland, Ca, '40
Early Chevrolet '36-48 Modified
Ken Korkosz, Chino Hills, Ca, '39

El Camino Stock
David Williams, Anza, Ca, '70
El Camino '67 & Earlier Street
Tim Melanson, Chino, Ca, '66
El Camino '64-65 Modified
Don Swanson, Redondo Beach, Ca, '64
El Camino '66-69 Modified
Darryl & Kelly Toman, Canyon Lake, Ca, '66
El Camino '68 & Newer Street
Fred & Belinda Smith, Alta Loma, Ca, '71
El Camino '70s Modified
Randy Duke, Phoenix, Az, '72
El Camino '80s Modified
Chris Summerell, Newhall, Ca, '84

Sucp_0008_17_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 22/30

Bright red paint, a just-right stance, and great factory styling all come together to make Larry Machado's '70 Camaro an awesome-looking machine.

Gold Class '55-57 Stock
Chuck & Barbara Hawkins, Hollister, Ca, '57
Gold Class Camaro '67-69 Stock
Leslie & Miles Muelder, Ventura, Ca, '68
Gold Class Conversion Modified
Woody Mccormick, Cherry Valley, Ca, '32 Ford
Gold Class Nova '62-67 Stock
Mark Long, Phoenix, Az, '66
Gold Class Nova '68 & Newer Stock
Nick Czuczko, Upland, Ca, '70

Monte Carlo Street
Sandee Thomas, Hawthorne, Ca, '71
Monte Carlo Modified
Larry Richards, Acton, Ca, '87

Sucp_0008_23_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 23/30

Paul Althouse's DOT-class '68 Camaro caught our attention on the starting line and earned Paul an Editor's Choice award.

'55-56-57 Stock
Dwane Roberts, Yorba Linda, Ca, '57
'55 & 57 Street
Gene Berry, Buena Park, Ca, '55
'56 Street
Joe James, Garden Grove, Ca, '56
'55 Modified
Cyndi Testa, Alta Loma, Ca, '55
'56 Modified
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, Ca, '56 Nomad
'57 Modified
Jim Utz, Vacaville, Ca, '57
'57 Wagon/Delivery Modified
Gary & Lori Martin, Chino, Ca, '57 Nomad

Nova '62-65 Street
John & Sylvia Piccola, Las Vegas, Nv, '65
Nova '66-67 Street
John Gilchrist Jr., Tacoma, Wa, '66
Nova '62-67 Modified
Christian & Marlene Morrow, Mission Viejo, Ca, '66
Nova '68 & Newer Street
Jerome Ruzicka, Chatsworth, Ca, '72
Nova '68 & Newer Modified
Chuck Immormino, Victorville, Ca, '71
Nova' 68 & Newer Modified
Rick Harmer, Colton, Ca, '70

Sucp_0008_24_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 24/30

Racing fans had two extra classes to watch at Pomona, as Fastest Street Car Association machines and Outlaw 11-Inch Street Tire cars duked it out on the strip. The heads-up competition was fierce, as you can tell by the wheels-up launch of this Outlaw '68 Camaro.

Open Class Stock
Edward Moorlach, Fullerton, Ca, '76 Vega
Open Class Street
Scott Ebert, Antelope, Ca, '92 Lumina
Open Class Modified
Chris Wheaton, Fullerton, Ca, '75 Vega

Pro Street '55
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, Ca, '55
Pro Street '56
Craig Fullerton, Newhall, Ca, '56
Pro Street '57
Jim Stewart, Santa Paulo, Ca, '57
Pro Street Camaro
Jerry Weiss, Bloomington, Ca, '72
Pro Street Big Car
Tom Wood, Granada Hills, Ca, '62
Pro Street Nova
Jerry Coleman, Redlands, Ca, '64
Pro Engineered
Gary Smith, Murrieta, Ca, '99

Sucp_0008_25_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 25/30

After a long weekend of racing these guys looked very happy to be standing in the winner's circle. Of course, putting a little extra money in your back pocket is a sure way to bring a smile to your face!

Truck '49-72 Stock
Michael Grant, Huntington Beach, Ca, '67
Truck '49-72 Street
David Grant, San Dimas, Ca, '69
Truck '49-57 Modified
Jim Rooney, Cypress, Ca, '57
Truck '58-72 Modified
Kerry & Sharon Morris, Ontario, Ca, '65
Truck '73-87 Street
Frank Temblador, Bellflower, Ca, '74
Truck '73-87 Modified
Jim Poetker, Lake Forest, Ca, '73
Truck '88 & Newer Street
Kelly Robison, Torrance, Ca
Truck '88 & Newer Modified
Nick Santana, Lancaster, Ca, '95
Mini Truck Street
Jay Larossa, Carson, Ca, '97
SUV Street
Tony Koutroulis, San Clemente, Ca, '72
SUV Modified
Doug Barnett, La Habra, Ca, '57
4x4 SUV Stock
Van Spivey, San Pedro, Ca, '91
4x4 SUV Modified
Jimmy Vianu, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, '90
Mini SUV Street
Tim Santana, Lancaster, Ca, '97
Mini SUV Modified
Rick Lantz, Yorba Linda, Ca, '93

Street Cruisers
Chris Brown, Los Alamitos, CA, '55
Thomas & Lori Bolo, Corona, CA, '70 Datsun
Gary Tate, Fullerton, CA, '65 Malibu
Roy Gronau, Mission Viejo, CA, '69 Camaro
Paul Cockrell, Walnut, CA, '57
Jerry Wachtel, Ontario, CA, '68 Camaro

Sucp_0008_27_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 26/30

The final round of Pro ET racing saw Chuck Killian Jr. and his '69 Camaro facing off against the '73 Camaro of Bill Batey. Killian got the head start (due to his slower dial-in), and was able to hold off Batey all the way to the finish line.

Hot Rod Reunion
Cheyenne, Wyoming, has never been known as the musclecar capital of the world, but it was the backdrop for the car-crazy teenage exploits of Dennis Valdez, Greg Gonzales, Rich Trujillo, and Mark Person. These four friends spent much of the late '70s cruising Cheyenne's main strip in Rich's L88-powered '66 Chevelle, a ride Mark fondly calls "the epitome of the cool American musclecar, the center of our activities, and the origin of a million great memories."

After high school the four friends went separate ways, each pursuing a career and raising a family. But they never forgot each other, or the Chevelle. Especially Greg, who spent the past few years rebuilding a '66 Chevelle of his own (see "Twist of Fate," June '00). When Greg began planning a trip to this year's Pomona Super Chevy Show, he couldn't help but think of his old friends and the fun they'd had. So he called them up and proposed a nostalgic road trip to the event.

Sucp_0008_26_z 2000_pomona_super_chevy_show 27/30

When you can pull the wheels on a big '62 Bel Air, you know you're making some power!

Kicking off the journey in Colorado (where Greg now lives), Mark and Greg drove to Las Vegas to pick up Richard, then met up with Dennis in California. True to the spirit of adolescence, the quartet spent as much time as possible cruising Greg's Chevelle around the streets of Vegas and SoCal, sharing old stories and plenty of laughs. And while they succeeded in recapturing some of the spirit of their youth, the friends did note some significant differences in their past and present experiences:

* A 400-horse small-block instead of an L88 big-block
* An automatic instead of a Muncie four-speed
* Johnny Lang on CD instead of Led Zeppelin on 8-track
* A few gray hairs
* A few less hairs
* A few more pounds

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