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2000 Phoenix Super Chevy Show - Feel The Heat

SCS Phoenix Was Hot Fun In The Sun

Shane Reichardt Aug 1, 2000
Sucp_0008_06_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 2/25

Searing sun is no deterrent for true Bow-Tie enthusiasts when the Super Chevy Show comes to town. Even in mid March the temperatures were soaring, but not high enough to keep Chevy lovers indoors when they could be at the largest travelling show and race series in the world.

The Arizona stop on the Super Chevy tour isn't the largest, but with cruisers driving in from Southern California and others coming from surrounding states like Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Montana, Texas, and even Minnesota, it does garner its fair share of cool cars and trucks. One such truck was the wild '57 pickup belonging to Doug Brocker of Prescott, Arizona. This stellar truck puts new meaning to the word hauler, and he really drives his truck. In fact, the pickup averaged 142 mph in an open road race. If this truck looks familiar it should-it has been around for awhile but was crashed nearly a year ago, and made its first appearance in this form at the Phoenix show.

Sucp_0008_01_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 3/25

Big cars of all vintages showed up for the Super Chevy Show. This Caprice conversion is a sweet ride.

As far as cars go, Zane Cox from Tucson, Arizona, showed up with his hot, flamed '57. Zane tells us the car has been in storage since he moved to Arizona from Southern California nearly a year ago. He finally pulled the car from his garage, thoroughly cleaned it and brought it to the show. For his efforts Cox was rewarded with Best Interior, Best Pro Street/Engineered- Sponsored by Meguiars. He also won top honors in the Pro Street class-not an easy feat considering he went head to head with Darrel & Peggy Nance's slick blue '55 Pro Streeter, Pomona's Pro Street class winner and Meguiar's Medallion Award winner for Outstanding Body Appearance.

One thing that would make the Phoenix show perfect would be to open up the nearby lake for water sports. Then the mix of hot cars and cool entertainment would simply be too much for anyone to pass up. Until then we'll continue to come for the great cars and hot racing action.

Drag Race Results
Bracket 1
Winner: Dana Feather, Apache Jct., AZ, '69 Chevelle (11.548 @ 126.66mph)
Runner Up: Blake Williams, Chandler, AZ (8.811 @ 158.07mph)

Sucp_0008_02_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 4/25

Proud to be included on the Editor's Choice Top Ten drag car list was Gregg Hopkins of Phoenix, Arizona. Gregg spent his weekend running the strip in his cool, flamed '70 1/2 Camaro.

Bracket 2
Winner: Mike Proctor, Mesa, AZ, '68 El Camino (11.443 @ 114.60mph)
Runner Up: Brian Manske, Mesa, AZ, '84 Camaro (12.252 @ 110.65mph)

DOT Street Tire
Winner: Anthony Piceno, Phoenix, AZ, '66 Chevelle (13.443 @ 96.31mph)
Runner Up: Ken Lukesh, Albuquerque, NM, '71 Nova (13.457 @ 99.11mph)

Nitro Coupes
Winner: Jeff Brozovich, Tracy, IA, '38 Chevy Coupe (6.371 @ 217.14mph)
Runner Up: Bill Kuhlmann, Wentzville, MO, '69 Corvette (8.920 @ 102.45mph)

2000 Street
Winner: Nicole Butler, Mesa, AZ, '97 Old Achieva (16.691 @ 83.09mph)
Runner Up: Christine Ashley-Denton, Chandler, AZ, '00 Malibu (16.496 @83.90mph)

Junior Dragsters
Winner: Amy Secor, Mesa, AZ, '97 Alex Green Jr. Drag (10.902 @ 56.96mph)
Runner Up: Amy Fisher, Gilbert, AZ, '97 Prestige Jr. Drag (10.979 @ 54.93mph)

Sucp_0008_07_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 8/25

One racer we added to our Top Ten list was Stephanie Sundstrom of Gilbert, Arizona. Stephanie raced the weekend away in her '62 Bel Air, while her husband Chuck piloted his Chevy-powered '94 pickup (not shown).

Editor's Choice Top Ten Drag Cars
Duane Burroughs, Chandler, AZ, '95 Dragster
Gregg Hopkins, Phoenix, AZ, '70 1/2 Camaro
Don Macey, Phoenix, AZ, '72 Chevelle
Ferbie Montano, Santa Fe, NM, '55 Pick-up
Mathee Paris, Longmont, CO, '57 Chevy
Steve Piceno, Phoenix, AZ, '69 Nova
Guy Price, Tempe, AZ, '72 Camaro RS
Chuck Sundstrom, Gilbert, AZ, '94 Pick-up
Stephanie Sundstrom, Gilbert, AZ, '62 Bel Air
Ricky Verdugo, Douglas, AZ, '55 Chevy

Car Show Results
Editor's Choice Top Ten Car Show Cars
Doug Brocker, Prescott, AZ, '57 Pick-up
Louie & Julie Check, San Bernardino, CA, '70 Chevelle
Smokey Crossman, Chandler, AZ, '66 Nova
Robert Hammons, Sedona, AZ, '57 Chevy
Robert Labossiere, Phoenix, AZ, '61 Impala
Jack Martin, Chandler, AZ, '68 Camaro
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, CA, '55 Chevy
Ernie Padilla, Peoria, AZ, '72 Chevelle
Brett Roundsville, San Bernardino, CA, '68 Camaro
Howard Teeter, Paradise Valley, AZ, '66 Corvette

Sucp_0008_03_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 9/25

Saturday Specialty Awards
Best Interior: Zane Cox, Tucson, AZ, '57 Chevy
Best Paint: Jeff Franco, Phoenix, AZ, '94 Dually
Best Engine: Steve Mitchell, Grants, NM, '68 Camaro
Best Detail: Howard Groff, Northridge, CA, '57 Chevy
Best Workmanship: Shannon Campbell, Gilbert, AZ, '00 E.V.T.
Best Achievement Stock: John & Sylvia Piccola, Las Vegas, NV, '65 Chevy II
Best Achievement Street: Fred & Belinda Smith, Alta Loma, CA, '71 El Camino
Best Achievement Modified: Bill Raper, Phoenix, AZ, '54 Pontiac

Sucp_0008_09_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 10/25

A convertible was the perfect car for the pleasantly warm weather in Arizona (as long as the interior wasn't black).

Sunday Specialty Awards
Ralph White Best Big Car
Robert Labossiere, Phoenix, AZ, '61 Impala
Classic Industries Best Camaro
Jack Martin, Chandler, AZ, '68 Camaro
Original Parts Group Best Chevelle
Milton Morris, Pierre, SD, '67 Chevelle
Vette Magazine Best Corvette
Bill Baker, Surprise, AZ, '66 Corvette
Autostar Best El Camino
Randy Duke, Phoenix, AZ, '72 El Camino
Danchuk Manufacturing Best '55-57
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, CA, '56 Nomad
Autostar Best Nova
John Gilchrist Jr., Tacoma, WA, '66 Nova
Autostar Best Monte Carlo
Dave Pulver, Scottsdale, AZ, '71 Monte Carlo
Meguiar's Medallion Award For Outstanding Body Appearance
Smokey Crossman, Chandler, AZ, '66 Nova
Autostar Best Conversion
Bill Raper, Phoenix, AZ, '54 Pontiac
Masters Entertainment Best Open Class
Raymond Rubenstein, El Monte, CA, '92 Lumina
Meguiars Best Pro Street/Engineered
Zane Cox, Tucson, AZ, '57 Chevy
Autostar Best Truck
John Wall, Tempe, AZ, '68 Chevy
Autostar Best Early Chevrolet
Larry Wilson, Gilbert, AZ, '36 Chevy
GR8ride.Com Great Ride Award
Howard Groff, Northridge, CA, '57 Chevy
ESPN 2 Award Of Excellence
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, CA, '56 Nomad
Autostar Best Detail Gold Class
Ralph Warnstrom, Butte, MT, '57 Chevy
Autostar Best Paint Gold Class
Nick Czuczko, Upland, CA, '70 Nova
Autostar Best Of Gold
Chuck & Barbara Hawkins, Hollister, CA, '57 Chevy
Club Participation
Southwest Nova

Class Winners
'55-56-57 - Street
Jerry James, Tijeras, NM, '56
'55 - Modified
Gary & Terri Thomas, Tempe, AZ, '55
'56 - Modified
Darryl & Peggy Nance, Huntington Beach, CA, '56
'57 - Modified
Howard Groff, Northridge, CA, '57

Sucp_0008_13_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 14/25

When the awards had finished and many of the car owners were on their way home, this El Camino was left on its own where our cameras had an unobstructed view of how great the orange and white paint looked.

Big Car '58-89 - Stock
John Sahid, Scottsdale, AZ, '62
Big Car '58-89 - Street
John Sahid, Scottsdale, AZ, '62
Big Car '58-89 - Modified
Robert Labossiere, Phoenix, AZ, '61Big Car '90-96 - Stock
Julian & Sandra Borrego, Phoenix, AZ, '96
Big Car '90-96 - Street
Mark Kunda, Chandler, AZ, '96
Big Car '90-96 - Modified
Jeremy Hefer, Chandler, AZ, '93

Camaro '67-69 - Stock
Kenny Bayer, Valencia, CA, '69
Camaro '67 - Street
Kelly Post, Chandler, AZ, '67
Camaro '68 - Street
Jay Zuschlag, Mesa, AZ, '68
Camaro '69 - Street
Kelly Post, Chandler, AZ, '69
Camaro '67-69 - Modified
Jack Martin, Chandler, AZ, '68
Camaro '70-81 - Stock
Raymond Podsaidlo, Sun Lakes, AZ, '70
Camaro '70-81 - Street
Raul Romero, El Paso, TX, '77
Camaro '70-81 - Modified
Rick Hunnell, Chandler, AZ, '79
Camaro '82-92 - Street
Jeff Seager, Chandler, AZ, '89
Camaro '93 & Newer - Stock
Mark Kunda, Chandler, AZ, '93
Camaro '93 & Newer - Street
Jolene Ferguson, Scottsdale, AZ, '96
Camaro '93 & Newer - Modified
Steve Reavis, Victorville, CA, '94

Sucp_0008_14_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 15/25

What could be better than a clean-looking red '57?

Chevelle '64-67 - Stock
Ron Anderson, Peoria, AZ, '64
Chevelle '64-67 - Street
Tim Andrella, Chandler, AZ, '66
Chevelle '64-67 - Modified
Milton Morris, Pierre, SD, '67
Chevelle '68 & Newer - Stock
Neil Anderson, Gilbert, AZ, '70
Chevelle '68 & Newer - Street
Louie & Julie Check, San Bernardino, CA, '70
Chevelle '68 & Newer - Modified
Mark Peters, Glendale, AZ, '70

Sucp_0008_15_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 16/25

Only four cars were picked to join the Gold Class. Surprisingly, all were '57 Bel Airs or Novas.

Conversion '48 & Earlier - Modified
Rick Johnson, Tempe, AZ, '23 Ford
Conversion '49 & Newer - Modified
Bill Raper, Phoenix, AZ, '54 Pontiac

Corvette '53-67 - Stock
Stewart Segall, Phoenix, AZ, '66
Corvette '53-67 - Modified
Bill Baker, Surprise, AZ, '66
Corvette '68-82 - Stock
Don DiGuardi, Tucson, AZ, '72
Corvette '68-82 - Street
Gary Davidson, Phoenix, AZ, '78
Corvette '68-82 - Modified
Dan Norton, Phoenix, AZ, '76
Corvette '84 & Newer - Stock
Henry Rice, Mesa, AZ, '90
Corvette '84 & Newer - Street
Bill Vendt, Scottsdale, AZ, '98

Sucp_0008_19_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 20/25

Though we're not sure if their faces were red from the sun or if they were flushed with excitement, the winning class at Phoenix was all smiles following the awards ceremony.

Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier - Stock
Robert Munk, Tempe, AZ, '30
Early Chevrolet '35 & Earlier - Modified
Glenn Looney, Tucson, AZ, '34

Early Chevrolet '36-48 - Modified
Larry Wilson, Gilbert, AZ, '36

El Camino - Stock
Ernie Miller, Mesa, AZ, '66
El Camino - Street
Fred & Belinda Smith, Alta Loma, CA, '71
El Camino - Modified
Randy Duke, Phoenix, AZ, '72

Gold '55-57 H/Top - Stock
Ralph Warnstrom, Butte, MT, '57
Gold '55-57 Conv. - Stock
Chuck & Barbara Hawkins, Hollister, CA, '57
Gold Nova '62-67 - Stock
Mark Long, Phoenix, AZ, '66
Gold Nova '68 & Newer - Stock
Nick Czuczko, Upland, CA, '70

Sucp_0008_21_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 21/25

Doug Brocker of Prescott, Arizona, takes the term hauler to a new level. His '57 pickup may look like a trailer queen but it is a serious machine. In fact, the truck averaged 142 mph in the Pony Express open road race held in Nevada. Not too bad for a truck with one of the best paint jobs we've seen this show season.

Monte Carlo - Street
Dave Pulver, Scottsdale, AZ, '71

Nova '62-67 - Stock
Lynn Gernand, Tempe, AZ, '67
Nova '62-67 - Street
John Gilchrist Jr., Tacoma, WA, '66
Nova '62-67 - Modified
Dale Jager, Henderson, NV, '62
Nova '68 & Newer - Street
Jan Francis, Phoenix, AZ, '68
Nova '68 & Newer - Modified
Jim Lovell, Loveland, CO, '72

Open - Street
Raymond Rubenstein, El Monte, CA, '92 Lumina

Pro Street - Modified
Zane Cox, Tucson, AZ, '57
Pro Street Truck - Modified
Brian Clark, Glendale, AZ, '82

Sucp_0008_23_z 2000_phoenix_super_chevy_show 22/25

If there was one car owner who cleaned up it was Robert Labossiere of Phoenix, Arizona. Robert's '61 Impala not only picked up a Top Ten Editor's Choice award but also got the nod for the Ralph White- sponsored, Best Big Car award as well as the class trophy for Big Car '58-89 - Modified. With bright red and flawless paint, a cool dual-quad 409, big billet wheels, and great '61 styling, this car was a magnet for the Super Chevy cameras.

Pro Engineered - Modified
Smokey Crossman, Chandler, AZ, '66

Street Cruiser
Don Zane, Phoenix, AZ, '68
Street Cruiser
Cody Dennee, Safford, AZ, '61

Truck '49-72 - Street
Ron Pehlman, Phoenix, AZ, '72
Truck '49-72 - Modified
John Wall, Tempe, AZ, '68
Truck '73-87 - Modified
Guy Gray, Mesa, AZ, '73
Truck '88 & Newer - Street
Kevin Kelley, Scottsdale, AZ, '90
Truck '88 & Newer - Modified
Jeff Franco, Phoenix, AZ, '94
4x4 Truck - Street
Todd Saturday, Mesa, AZ, '85
4x4 Truck - Modified
Butch Forbis, Peoria, AZ, '85
Mini Truck - Modified
Tim & Jan Spalla, Glendale, AZ, '92
SUV - Modified
Quin Sanchez, Belen, NM, '72
4x4 SUV - Street
Jim Hetrick, Mesa, AZ, '92
4x4 SUV - Modified
Scott Stoeckel, Prescott, AZ, '73



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