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Event: LTX Shootout Turns 5

A tight-knit group of racers do battle in bowling green.

Tommy Lee Byrd Feb 28, 2013
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For the past five years, a diehard group of racers has gotten together for a great time and awesome racing. They call it the LTX Shootout, and we’ve been lucky enough to follow along with each and every event since its inception five years ago. The early days were spent in Kansas City, but the move to Bowling Green, Kentucky offered a great, central location and the parts-killing traction of Beech Bend Raceway Park.

For 2012, a few changes occurred in the event organizers roster, but the event went smoothly, all things considered. One of the major hurdles to clear was out of everyone’s control—the weather. Hurricane Isaac made landfall earlier in the week, and its projected path included a wide sweep up the Mississippi River and a hard right turn, which positioned the cell on top of Kentucky. This major threat of torrential rain certainly kept a number of racers from making the haul. In fact, event attendance was down nearly 50 percent from last year.

Despite the rain threat, the dedicated LTX guys came out and gave it all their Optispark could handle. The class layout was similar to years past, with a good spread to keep the playing field even. And for those who didn’t quite fit into a particular class or a racer who wanted to run more than one class, the bracket and index classes offered an alternative. After a brief test session, three rounds of qualifying determined the racing bracket, and then the clouds started moving in. A quick shower passed through the area, but the track crew at Beech Bend made quick work of the cleanup process. From there it was matter of running through the brackets, and weeding the field down to the top contenders.

Unfortunately, another round of storms approached the area, but the LTX crew asked its racers to hurry back to the staging lanes to hopefully complete the final rounds before the rain. Only the index class didn’t get to make its final round pass, but we’re sure the guys figured out a way to break the tie when they got back to the hotel for the after party. With the 2012 LTX Shootout in the books, we want to encourage anyone with an LTX-powered car to participate in this event. It’s run by a great group of guys, and its laid-back atmosphere makes for an awesome event, whether you like the racing aspect, or simply the camaraderie that goes with it.


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