2011 LSX Challenge Bradenton Race - New Beginnings

The inaugural LSX Challenge Series kicks off with plenty of sunshine in Bradenton, Florida

GMHTP Staff Aug 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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March 18 to 20th couldn't have been a better time to be at Bradenton Motorsports Park for any LSX fan. Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center was covering the entry fee for all LSX racers, the weather was perfect, excitement was high, and you could even catch a glimpse of GMHTP's project cars amongst the many vendors pedaling hot LSX parts. The STI Killer was sporting some new shoes, and old "Greenie" was doing something it hadn't done in a while--see the light of day. One look at the pale skin evident on Thursday's event-goers proved that the many winter-sheltered bodies hadn't seen this sort of tropical sun in a while either. By Sunday, though, all that would change. Necks, faces, and arms then sunburnt and salty from sweat--it was definitely not winter anymore, and we were knee-deep in the 2011 race season. Buckle up LSX racers and fans; we have three more races to go and many memories to be created.

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