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The Corvette Forum’s Second Cruise-In Sets New Standards for a Good Time

Andy Bolig Oct 1, 2001

Step By Step

Mike Hefner was the high bidder for this Corvette flag, signed by all the C5-R drivers for the silent auction. The auction raised more than $2,500 for the Museum.

This group from Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, made it a family affair to come to the Cruise-In. Altogether, two fathers, four sons, four cousins, two brothers-in-law, and four Corvettes made the 12-hour trip. Pictured left to right: Ginty Jocious, Gavin Jocious, Garry Alan Munce, Jordan Jocious, Ryan Munce, and Garry Ray Munce.

Roscoe kept the masses fed throughout most of the night. The barbecue was a great time to relax and get acquainted with new friends. t

The members of the Corvette Forum ( who attended this year’s 2nd Annual Corvette Forum Cruise-In May 24-27 at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green definitely think outside the box when they plan a gathering. The scheduled events for the Cruise-In did not follow the typical formula for a show. It was just as well, since this year’s event had more than 400 attendees pre-registered for the four-day event, and there wasn’t a disappointed soul among them.

The Cruise-In was designed as an event highlighting the joy of driving America’s Sports Car, so the planners made good use of the local Beech Bend Raceway for a burnout competition, autocrossing, drag racing, and scheduled scenic trips throughout the beautiful Kentucky countryside.

No trip to Bowling Green would be complete without a guided tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant, so the plant scheduled extra tours to accommodate the increased number of enthusiasts.

The Corvette Forum is an Internet community, and opportunities to meet online friends can be few and far between. The Cruise-In provides the perfect opportunity to mingle with old friends and make some new ones. Wendell Strode opened up his home, The 1869 Homestead, to Forum members during Thursday night’s banquet.

Continuing a tradition that was started at the inaugural Cruise-In, Ross Hanson (known as Roscoe’s C5 on the forum) held his own barbecue in the hotel parking lot, where festivities lasted well into the morning.

Meeting at the National Corvette Museum allowed for a general contact location during those rare moments when event-goers were not driving their Corvettes, and several entertaining, informative seminars were held in the Chevrolet Theater. This year’s speakers included GM Powertrain Engineer Jim Minneker and Chevrolet dealer Ken Fitchner, who is a supporting dealer and member of the forum. As last year, the highlight of the weekend was the banquet in the NCM Skydome. Enjoying a meal with friends and family surrounded by some of the rarest, most interesting Corvettes ever produced makes for a memorable evening. The scheduled festivities and incredible hospitality, coupled with the beautiful weather, all combined to make this a truly enjoyable event.


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