Corvettes at the Pure Stock Drags

Roadsters Rock, Big-Blocks Roll, And The L88's Record-Breaking Record Still Stands

Tom Shaw Jun 28, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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If you could throw a drag racing party for the classic Corvettes and muscle cars that we all know and love, it would probably look a whole lot like the Pure Stock Drags.

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Each year, on the second weekend after Labor Day, the muscle car faithful gather at the Mid Michigan Motorplex for two days of fun, friendship, and a festival of high-powered Detroit iron. This weekend is dedicated to cars running in as near showroom stock condition as possible. No headers, hidden nitrous bottles, trick cams, roller valvetrains, electric fuel pumps, head porting, shift improving kits, or traction bars are allowed. Not even a flex fan would pass muster. The only mods allowed are low restriction air filters, a few exhaust tweaks (no headers; tailpipes must exit in the factory location), and ignition boxes (as long as they stay hidden). The car must accurately represent a legit factory-built model. The rules don't mandate 100 percent stock condition, as race organizers Dan Jensen and Bob Boden recognize most engines have been worked on by now and had at least one overbore. But these cars are as close to completely stock as we've ever seen at a drag race.

The event usually draws some 140 to 150 primo cars, including a strong Corvette showing. Jensen and Boden will tell you that the idea is to have fun, see friends, and improve your e.t.'s, no matter how fast-or not-you might be. The fun and friendly atmosphere extends from the pits to the motel parking lot, where the Friday night tailgating gets better every year.

At the track, you'll see everything-all kinds of Corvettes, of course, plus Chevelles, GTOs, Mopars, even a fleet of Studebakers. In this story, we concentrate on our favorite two-seater. They've done extremely well and held the top spot for most of this decade. It's doubtful they'll ever be beat.

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